Monday, May 30, 2011


My 20th~

hahah~should post this long time but delayed due to class and work!!
My officially 20 years old! Thanks to my Mom and Dad I was born on this world!! By the way, people told me in the age of 20th you will be very lucky. Once you step into you 21st you will start bad lucky!!! I'm the beginning I believe because I won money on CNY and everything happening very smooth, but when reach March I started to disbelieve about that. My financial problem, college, family problem, and my lifestyle everything just when so wrong!! Anyway, life still go on!! Just have to stay calm and start to earn some pocket money myself!!! Most important OPEN WIDE my EYE so I can see Which of my friend is a IMPOSTOR. I don't hope let people betray again and again~!! Even your bestest friend will betray you. SUAP~~~ Don't mention unhappy thing, Cause this suppose to be my 20th post!! It should be happy post!! Photo say everything, due to too much photo I will just let the photo be the MC of the post~ LOL [SUAP = 算吧 / whatever / let it be]
wakey wakey~~
Having my birthday cake as breakfast^^

well prepare for out day~ the pose of the day!! hahahahaha

Look of the day~
Kindori ice cream!! from Dar~~~~

Midnight karaoke=)
A lunch in Wong Kok Char Chan Teng from Hong Ye~
Furking sad case!! got this on my birthday!! Furk those people who park their car on a tiny alley!! And couse my baby Waja a SCAR now!!!

My own present for myself Etude House~
The Cake Dar gave me =)

3rd~ the cake become like this~~~~ DELICIOUS~!!!!

14 May 2011~ My Pale face!!
After Make up =)
Maison Night~~
Trista baby~~~~`
Open your eyes my dear~
In the car~ Vaining with my man!

He ask which look more handsome ~
Without spec?
Love this photo the MOST~!

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