Monday, May 23, 2011


Too Much!!

Too much to say!! My bloggie feel so dying right now!! Kinda busy for updating it and also lazy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reposting the past 1 by 1 =)

Begin with the Bak Kut Teh we ate, the location is at Old Klang Road. The restaurant was located beside Tesco and a brige. Since many people say quite nice, so me and Dar when there for dinner. But kinda disappointed, wasn't that nice just average==" Anyway, just a dinner don't care about it.
Althought is not as tasty as we thought still finish up every single piece of meat~!

Recently I'm out of MONEY, so have to work more hard to earn back my pocket money!! Worked for Mam which is a baby accessories company. Work at Midvalley Baby Expo, kinda busy for the whole expo, no time for us to rest! But the Boss and the boss family is really nice and friendly. I get to know 3 new friend there, Lisa a silly girl which is same college I am. ZhiYan a look quiet girl but also damn crazy girl. Lastly is Sophie a DAMN CRAZY girl who psycho me to buy her Apple juice!!
My Dar~Fetching me to work =)
This the juice she psycho me to buy on that day! Mountain Fresh, damn nice juice and expensive too!! After discount is RM8 per bottle before is RM20++ per bottle!! This juice not easily can found at supermarket==" they only selling it on 5star hotel~!!! SHIT~~~~~~~~~~ No more mountain juice for me~ *SAD*

Fast forward a bit, I started my College and my FYP [Final Year Project]. On 10May2011 well prepare to college for FYP but end up everything is just nothing. When to discussion room it was close!!
So when to Tris car to discuss but no internet access, can't do anything. End up we were like playing and chatting in the car and then home we go!!=="But actually only Sharon, Lien and Feng when home==" Me and Tris when to 1Utama for window shopping and for brunch!! When there to find my Dar also, since that day he was arrange to work at 1Utama for permanently.
When to Gap to buy a polo T for Tris friend! LOL [this the pose she posed when choosing color]
While she choosing me and Dar vaining~LOL

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