Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oh My Gosh~~~~~

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Guys are all the same, got Dota NO Girlfriend!

Ladies are all the same too, got Boyfriend NO Girlfriends!
Because my boyfriends abandon me alone at here, and his when for DOTA with friend.
So I got the time to blog.
nahh~~~ He will only make me worry!!
Make me called him for thousand time and sms for million time and didn't even bother to reply and didn't call back at all!!!
He just got back by 3am++ and lying at the FURKING bed like a SHIT!!!
I started to hate this kind of people!!!
Don't have to give any explanation after done something! Good, Well DONE!!

Back to my topic!
Don't believe? I hope I can remember every single job and company I work for before,
But too bad I can't. =P
But I started to work when I'm age 14++ till now, of cause for several different company.
And working is also one of the reason why I less update my bloggie, class and work make me no time for blog.

Recently I working for 4days per week located in several different 7-11 convenient store.
Please don't guess what I'm working right now, cause you can't guess it unless I told you before.
Anyway, back to what I want to say. I worked for like 1week and I realise 10peoples walk into 7-11, nine of them will buy Slurpee.
Good news to 7-11 creator/boss cause damn earning, but bad news is mostly 7-11 store Slurpee machine sure got problem! hahahaha
sometime when I saw those kids happily came in just to buy one cup of Slurpee but machine spoil their look straight away change and I feel sad for them.

Second top sales item in 7-11 is cigarettes.
Many of them came in just too buy cigarettes or lighter.
I don't understand what cigarettes make those fella fall for it?!
It smell bad and I don't think it taste good.
And it is so damn expensive==" and bad for health.
Government is really funny, they advise people not to smoke those "Tak Nak" campaign and paste those disgusting bad effect for smoke also written how bad smoking to healthy on the side of the cigarettes boxes but they don't just stop production for the cigarettes.

ANYWAY, all this non of my business because I don't get money to promote them.
And do you know what the best about this job?!
I can read all the magazine and newspaper for FREE!! ahahahahah~!!
Almost whole working period I was reading magazine, newspaper and sms-ing only! LOL
But I still work, don't think I'm so irresponsible. Okay~
By the way, I saw this news about "Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia" ahhahaahah~~
And heard people say thing they sell is cheaper than the market price.
But where can we find this store?? Any idea, anyone?
Milk powder the brand of 1Malaysia, cute~LOL
See those people queuing to pay their item.
It look like this photo proof how cheap their sell those thingy there.

After work, I always like to go to supermarket and buy something.
Whatever I want to eat or I need, but I never know what I need before I reach.
So I always reach there and walk around see everything.
And I found this thing
Sanitary pad~LOL
What so special see the sizes of the pad! My GOSH!!
What do we [female] need so long "pampers" I think 30cm is consider as very long.
Since now most female wear like T-bag or low cut undies.
This picture is just for fun~ =P

Look~ Is GTR in RED!! My favourite red!!
It is pretty~!! I think this probably is many people dream car.
But do you know how tiring and how hard the designer make this baby out!?
You guys will never know how hard it is!!
But I now realise how hard it is!
Hard till I will cry my ass out when I trying to model this pretty baby out!!!
This is the only assignment I really cry when doing it==!! STUPID!!
Anyway~ it is my final year in Diploma!! So I have to work hard!! Work hard for My graduation~!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011


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My life>>>

Monday: class + FYP
Tuesday: Work
Wednesday: Trying my best to attend lecture + work
Thursday: Work AGAIN + dance
Friday: Class + Work
Saturday & Sunday: Rest if no job, WORK if got job.

Sometime accompany bf when he offday, but turn out he fetch me to work and accompany me near by my working place~=="
SO when i should start my car car??

Car car is my final solo assignment==" having big trouble!! Chess already can let me stay whole night awake to finish it. Car car will for sure make me awake for the whole month to done it=="

Just stay with me~ I will suka suka post something to entertain and make my blog undead~ =)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Should I?

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Having abit plan changing=="
Think to change my class to Wednesday only, so from Thursday to Tuesday I can work.
But I will have to join other classes.

And I wanted to stop my dancing class too, due to financial problem.
Should I?!

Earning some money and save it so I can get what I want!!!!
HOW!? What should I do!?

Friday, June 3, 2011


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Sometime I really feel even we dissatisfy with someone or something, it is useless to feel angry or argue with them. This only will hurt each other feeling and relation will getting worst. I think is time to me to try my best to change my bad temper away. Even how many time I repeat not to do so and please do so. Or try to explain something to those people who don't understand and stubborn still nothing changing. They still doing what they like and treat me as transparent. I think I going to turn into transparent, and don't give any other feeling other than happy face and a smiley face every time everywhere every hour every second. Even I don't like it, I have to smile and pretend nothing happen. Anyway, this wasn't my first time pretend like a clown. Keep on pretend nothing really happen and still smiling and laugh together. If other want to say I will just let them, it is their mouth not mine. I can't control, so I will only control my own temper.

I will never care something so much now. Just let it be, sometime people will blow out some words which show how they really care but all look so fake to me now. Hardly can't go into my ears. I think I shouldn't waste my energy to angry and shouldn't waste my tear for people who I don't really care. Anyway, if you guys think I'm angry right now. I will tell you, I'm not angry at all. I right now letting myself blur and blank till I feel not so bad. I won't cry even sad, cause I don't really think this worth me to cry my ass out.


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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gossip = War?!

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We normally only heard of GOSSIP GIRL, but now I heard of GOSSIP BOY too. Don't try to gossip behind the back of people. Trying to spoil other people reputation and adding in some salt or oil into the words! Friends like that really mean nothing to me anymore! You betray me once, I will remember forever.
Heard or watch Mean Girl before? Is time for you guys to watch it. This what we called as FRIEND!! Which will try to back stab each other and gossip at the back of us. Even make me down into the hell. Please always open WIDE your eyes to see people around you. Don't be surprised when your friend or your bestie betray you.
See when you tell me something like this I will sure say as what she say so!! This probably won't hurt you too. Since we just a SO-CALLED-BEST-FRIEND.
Gossip = opening a war between our friendship. So use you brain when you are gossiping. Don't try to make some majority win thingy!! Because I don't CARE. You just a childish asshole who never think of other!! SELF-FISH fellow~!! If the all end pretty nice then we will be hugging back and say WE ARE FRIEND FOREVER AND EVER!!! *duhhhh*
If the war never end = GOODBYE MY FRIEND WE ARE ENEMY NOW. Friends who knew for so many years can't compare to few years friend, probably it was my fault.
And started boycotting here and there. Mostly this what kid do.
This what friend are to me now. It doesn't matter best friend of friend for me they still someone who will betray me at the end!! Friends you can have many, but best friend you only have 1. The one who never will betray you till you die, who will help you when you having problem.

After what I heard, you guys just nothing to me. No more best friends you guys just friend to me. It is wasting my time to treat u guys as besties and you guys treat me like SHIT. You have to wait for me once, and I late not because I wanted too and you are so pissed off and spread to the whole world. So how does it count when I fetch you and I have to wait outside your house? And when you asked me to fetch you even thought I didn't pass by your house. So this what we called as BEST FRIENDS.

So because the few dollars you want to keep on nagging beside my ears. End up you go and gossip back of me. I will gave you if you didn't ask for it, but too bad you ask for it, it make me don't feeling giving it to you. So you trying to make my reputation bad? I don't care, as you like. People advise you to work but you were playing with your phone And you got lesser salary so it was my bad. Then, I have nothing to say. Okay~ I admit I'm wrong to scold you so loud and rude in front other people. But can you admit that you are too annoying too. If you don't I don't mind too, if this make you feel better the go on with it.

You guys really didn't think before I guess. RM100 is not a big sum, when your car spoil it is more than RM100. I advise you guys not too share out the money is for your good and what you guys repay is A SHIT ON MY FACE! You guys don't need to pay for insurance, petrol, car services and tires renew. That's why you guys never know how expensive all this cost us. Because you guys Earning and your parents will be the one who covering everything single problem for you. Make no different, you earn and your parent paying. I don't really blame everything on you guys, cause you guys don't really own a car. Those company they more clever than us, they will never pay us more and let us earn. They will only give us the sum they estimate it is enough for us and the company earn!! So please think properly.

The most DISAPPOINTED is not you guys gossiping behind me. The most disappointed thing is you guys never wanted to discuss this with me. Even thought you guys always say "I like the way we do right now, will say out what we dislike of each other". Now I see this words you guys say out is just for fun I THINK!! I don't really want to argue with you guys. Probably I'm in my 20th I don't really have the energy to argue with you guys and gossip about you guys anymore. I will let it be, if gossiping really make you guys happy then go on with it. I hope all you guys will read this, since you all does't mean to discuss this in front me. I have to wrote it out and hope you guys read it. I think here stated very clear that you will know who are you guys are. Anyway, this wasn't the first time I were boycotted and betray by friends. All this boycott and betrayer thingy always happen on me. Probably my luck on friend wasn't that good.

Only last word to say I DISAPPOINTED ON YOU ALL. This is best friend as we say so. several friendship just as fragile as glass. GOODBYE~

Wednesday, June 1, 2011