Friday, June 3, 2011



This is Mug2Go by Bros nice right!! Feel like buying 1?! There a opportunity to get 1 for free~~~~~~~~~~~~
Just go to Bros Fanpage at Facebook and choose the pattern or color you like and download it then share it out on Bros
wall and write the caption start with "My Dad deserves Bros Mug2Go [the mug name] because [complete it with not more then 30 words]. Lastly tag yourself in =) and wait to win the Mug~!! Easy right~? Don't wait and stand a chance to win a pretty mug.

I submitted mine~ =)
and this is my Caption^^
"My Dad deserves Bros Mug2Go-Coffee Addict because he deserves a HOT coffee everyday, every time and everywhere. My daddy ♥ Hot stuff and his favorite color is GREEN!! My house is in green color too~ =D"
For more detail how to participate this Mug2Go contest view Pick & Give.

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