Saturday, June 25, 2011


Oh My Gosh~~~~~

Guys are all the same, got Dota NO Girlfriend!

Ladies are all the same too, got Boyfriend NO Girlfriends!
Because my boyfriends abandon me alone at here, and his when for DOTA with friend.
So I got the time to blog.
nahh~~~ He will only make me worry!!
Make me called him for thousand time and sms for million time and didn't even bother to reply and didn't call back at all!!!
He just got back by 3am++ and lying at the FURKING bed like a SHIT!!!
I started to hate this kind of people!!!
Don't have to give any explanation after done something! Good, Well DONE!!

Back to my topic!
Don't believe? I hope I can remember every single job and company I work for before,
But too bad I can't. =P
But I started to work when I'm age 14++ till now, of cause for several different company.
And working is also one of the reason why I less update my bloggie, class and work make me no time for blog.

Recently I working for 4days per week located in several different 7-11 convenient store.
Please don't guess what I'm working right now, cause you can't guess it unless I told you before.
Anyway, back to what I want to say. I worked for like 1week and I realise 10peoples walk into 7-11, nine of them will buy Slurpee.
Good news to 7-11 creator/boss cause damn earning, but bad news is mostly 7-11 store Slurpee machine sure got problem! hahahaha
sometime when I saw those kids happily came in just to buy one cup of Slurpee but machine spoil their look straight away change and I feel sad for them.

Second top sales item in 7-11 is cigarettes.
Many of them came in just too buy cigarettes or lighter.
I don't understand what cigarettes make those fella fall for it?!
It smell bad and I don't think it taste good.
And it is so damn expensive==" and bad for health.
Government is really funny, they advise people not to smoke those "Tak Nak" campaign and paste those disgusting bad effect for smoke also written how bad smoking to healthy on the side of the cigarettes boxes but they don't just stop production for the cigarettes.

ANYWAY, all this non of my business because I don't get money to promote them.
And do you know what the best about this job?!
I can read all the magazine and newspaper for FREE!! ahahahahah~!!
Almost whole working period I was reading magazine, newspaper and sms-ing only! LOL
But I still work, don't think I'm so irresponsible. Okay~
By the way, I saw this news about "Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia" ahhahaahah~~
And heard people say thing they sell is cheaper than the market price.
But where can we find this store?? Any idea, anyone?
Milk powder the brand of 1Malaysia, cute~LOL
See those people queuing to pay their item.
It look like this photo proof how cheap their sell those thingy there.

After work, I always like to go to supermarket and buy something.
Whatever I want to eat or I need, but I never know what I need before I reach.
So I always reach there and walk around see everything.
And I found this thing
Sanitary pad~LOL
What so special see the sizes of the pad! My GOSH!!
What do we [female] need so long "pampers" I think 30cm is consider as very long.
Since now most female wear like T-bag or low cut undies.
This picture is just for fun~ =P

Look~ Is GTR in RED!! My favourite red!!
It is pretty~!! I think this probably is many people dream car.
But do you know how tiring and how hard the designer make this baby out!?
You guys will never know how hard it is!!
But I now realise how hard it is!
Hard till I will cry my ass out when I trying to model this pretty baby out!!!
This is the only assignment I really cry when doing it==!! STUPID!!
Anyway~ it is my final year in Diploma!! So I have to work hard!! Work hard for My graduation~!!!!


Sarah Lee said...
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Sarah Lee said...

Don't buy from 1malaysia lor ..
Their pocket already full of money !
They open this probably is because gov no money liao !! Need this shop to cover !!

Carolinelzt said...

but if really cheaper i think all people will go for 1M also=="