Friday, June 3, 2011



Sometime I really feel even we dissatisfy with someone or something, it is useless to feel angry or argue with them. This only will hurt each other feeling and relation will getting worst. I think is time to me to try my best to change my bad temper away. Even how many time I repeat not to do so and please do so. Or try to explain something to those people who don't understand and stubborn still nothing changing. They still doing what they like and treat me as transparent. I think I going to turn into transparent, and don't give any other feeling other than happy face and a smiley face every time everywhere every hour every second. Even I don't like it, I have to smile and pretend nothing happen. Anyway, this wasn't my first time pretend like a clown. Keep on pretend nothing really happen and still smiling and laugh together. If other want to say I will just let them, it is their mouth not mine. I can't control, so I will only control my own temper.

I will never care something so much now. Just let it be, sometime people will blow out some words which show how they really care but all look so fake to me now. Hardly can't go into my ears. I think I shouldn't waste my energy to angry and shouldn't waste my tear for people who I don't really care. Anyway, if you guys think I'm angry right now. I will tell you, I'm not angry at all. I right now letting myself blur and blank till I feel not so bad. I won't cry even sad, cause I don't really think this worth me to cry my ass out.