Monday, July 11, 2011


I'm Home

I'm back after MIA for like 10days+. hahahahah~!!
Guess where I been^^Yupp~~ I'm when for a trip with my Family!! To China, fully sponsor by my dad!! ^^ Great trip but super tiring. But me, my sibling, my grandma and my uncle family didn't when to Beijing only my parent when there too BAD!!! Anyway, still a nice trip!! Photo will be upload when I'm free, due to too much photo!! =="


After away for almost 2weeks, quite many movie have on screen!!! Especially HARRY POTTER!! Anyway, feel movie I have watched pass few week. Taadaaa~~~

Green Lantern, not bad movie!! Quite cool, watch it because their trailer very interesting and the movie didn't disappoint me and my Dar.
Second and comedy Hong Kong movie! Treasure Inn, super idiot movie! LOL Damn funny movie and really nice too. Worth to watch for a laugh. =)Lastly, Ladda Land with my FYP Family expect Sharon.Damn Creepy movie and there a scene where the dog bark and it scare me, and I scream! My friend were scare by my scream!! hahahaa~ This movie really creepy but I don't like how it end, because it doesn't told the ghost behind story. Which many horror/ghost movie will told people why the house been haunt and why there are ghost and how the ghost die and etc.

Will be less blogging, cause my holiday is end and start my work back!!!=="

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