Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2 in 1

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Hey Hey~ a short update. This year is a 2 in 1 celebration.
Hari Raya and Independenca day drop on the same day.

Today is 30 of August 2011 and a public holiday for everyone.
I'm here to greet Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslim and Non Muslim friends.
Happy holidays for those having a great holidays right now.
Be safe on the road. Drive safe and have a great Raya.

By the way tomorrow is our Malaysia 54th Independence day!
Merdeka~ Merdeka~ Merdeka!!
Hari Kemerdekaan to everyone.
I think right now should be many people preparing to countdown Independence day or probably heading to somewhere to celebrate Raya and Kemerdekaan. =)

Anyway, Happy Holidays for non-Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Ray Aidilfitri to Muslim friends and Hari Kemerdekaan ke-54 to all Malaysian!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


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I'm here to give you guys something, not sure you guys want it or not. I giving out Miko Galere voucher. Which I got it from Cleo Star search, I don't need the voucher. Due to I'm not going to cut my hair and the voucher going to expired if I still keeping it==". Better not to waste it, so I just have to give it out. Anyone want to have a haircut recent? I have 3pieces of RM10. I almost forgot I got this voucher! LOL

Terms & conditions
* This voucher valid till 30 September 2011, still 1month to go.
* Redeemable only at Miko Galere, Pavilion KL. [incase you don't know where CLICK HERE ]
* Voucher cannot be use in conjunction with other promotions, discounts or vouchers.
* Not applicable for products or hair wash services.
* Voucher is not exchangeable for cash.
* Voucher is valid only with original company stamp.
* No refund of any unutilized amount.
* Management reserve the right to amend the terms & conditions at its own discretion without prior notice.

Recent, I found this blogger and I forgot where I found his blog! LOL~ Anyway, I was attracted by his blog [maybe not, maybe his handsome looking attracted me] XD *evil smile*
Okay this not the point also, I when to his Facebook page and saw this Status he updated CLICK IN. Many blogger leave their URL but most of them blog in Chinese=="!! HELLO~ do you guys know actually there many half BANANA and half Yao Zha GUAI here in the blogging world?! This guys call Drew If I not wrong. And he really look Handsome, a bit mix look and a bit baby face. Wonder how old is he?

I'm in my Semester break, so I'm VERY FREE and VERY BORING. So I just click into whatever page I can think even Twitter.
Actually I'm not active in Twitter due to I'm DUMB in Twitter. I don't know how Twitter work and what the hell does it do. Can someone tell me?! I don't understand why some people twitter conversation can keep on popping non-stop!! What Twitter actually do=="

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Freaking OUT

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Incase you guys don't know, I'm Officially graduated my DIPLOMA!!! YEAH~~ Erm~~ nope, I'm Semi Graduated==" I still have to see my result to sure I'm fully graduate! Pity me=="

Anyway, Before everything end. Our lecturer made us a SHOWCASE fro our final year project. Actually every year there will be a showcasing for the Multimedia students! LOL~ Okay no grandma story. Have a look at our STFU Promo video. Oh~ I'm forgot to intro our theme or name of the Showcase. STFU instead of Shut The Fuck Up, our mate come out with the name Something That Freaking Unique. *talented & Creative*

So How the Promo like? Nice!? LOL~ Okay less wording more photo! =)
Our Welcome Sticker for every visitor, but end up it was all over the DML student themselves! hahahah.
My group Poster, I-FIVE production! Actual Meaning Incredible Five! Cute poster? From Sharon Idea for the drawing character Caroline [Me]
The I-Five Promoting Material, by Sharon.
Officially first day of STFU, 12 August 2011. All DML must wear our Turn On shirt, Dislike the material of the shirt but the design not bad=) Of cause Some photo for my own satisfaction! xD

The day before 12 August 2011, set up and some speech from our beloved Lecturer = Bernard Kong!! The friendly and also Playful among all lecturer. It was wear when he came into the hall and wear so formal, I was like "Who is this fella"
Us, Doodling on the mirror!
We the 3 Babes, Super miss you guys! They not going Advanced, they started their working life. Good Luck my babess! Love ya!
The official group photo of I-FIVE! This will be the last picture together. Both my Buddies Feng & Lien probably not continuing for Advanced too. How Sad!!
13 August 2011, second day also the last day. Too boring so doing nothing.
Me and my Baby Ron last photo!?

Last photo of us, before Tris dear when to work.

Our Cute lecturer, Mr Bernard. Guess what he doing. hhahahah~ We told him, he is smelly after smoking. So he when to the air freshener dispenser and wait for the perfume.=="

Our Gay lover in U4~ hahaha!
Us with Mr Bernard~ He told us " I will be stand here and pose like this, who want a picture with me come in and snap" hahahah!
Kenneth Chong U2, Just started to getting closer. But no worry he continuing his Advance, got chance to be classmate with him.
Charlie U2, Kenneth secondary schoolmate.
Leon U3, knew him since my first semester!! Malao = Monkey in Cantonese. A great buddy and people who can share some heart to heart talk Sabar-ian.
Six, KarWai U6. He have a great smile. You should see what he did for his photo last few semester ago. =)

U4 group photo! But not really prefect enough! =( Anyway, I will miss those not going to continue Advanced!! I know I look special in this photo, due to me wearing HK shirt and other STFU. My STFU shirt dirty so I just have to wear other shirt to join them! XD Everybody keep say "Caro~ you always the special one ho~~~"
Know what!? Every time when an Event come to an end, there always something fun happen! They throwing Mr Arron to the air.
I-FIVE Forever~ =) 1~2~3~4~5
Lastly, picture of the day! My U4 style Pose! =) I LOVE this picture, see my smile! Damn Sweet! hahahaha
Okay now presenting, I-FIVE production! Surviving in College.
Okay there may be some problem, cause IDK why=="

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


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Yup~ I got a new header as you can see.
Hahahah~~~ nice? or the last one look nice and match my blog??
The old one, incase some people never look at my header at all.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sheen Casio♥

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My Watch is here, taadaaaaa~~~~~~~~~
Casio Sheen SHN-5012

My favorite color, RED
The glass have Bevel pattern, got stopwatch function and a 24/12 hour hand.
The leather is Genuine leather.
But one thing I dislike is, it look nice but feel like cheap or toy watch=="
Very very light, when u take it look like fake watch=="
Anyway, still like it, although it disappointed me a little bit.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Coming Coming!!

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How sad~~ =(
Presenting my new Baby!!
Nice right!? I will miss my old watch!
I bought a new watch, pay half by my Baby Dar. Thanks!!
My Favorited color and leather as I wanted too.
not to feminine watch not too small, but fit like there a Cantonese words: NGAM NGAM HOU! =)

But what should I do with the old 1?
Just leave it there as a display?
Or maybe I can't wear this and that changing??

This a photo which taken at Enfagrow A+ Smart Camp.
With Evon, Angie & Alena.
Nice photo quality? Taken using D7000 my dream DSLR!!
But doesn't belong to me==" it was my colleague DSLR.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011


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Before starting my ENFA FREAK post, Showing my Watermelon Austin Mini Cooper modelling! XD
Cute right~! I gave the name Watermelon!!
I Done this with all my SIFU help which is Ron, Tris, Reno, Seff and Joshua.
They taught me how to do this and how to do that.
They also help me in solving the problem which keep occur=="

Okay, Start my Enfa Freak post.
I worked for Enfagrow for the 2nd time, last time were 2009 a small roadshow in supermarket.
This time is at Sunway Concourse a big event!!
If you missed this event, no worries. Because it will have another event at Klang, Jusco if no mistake.
On 16-18 September 2011. Come and join us =)
This job really nice, which you earn money, meet new friends and can play with plenty of kids!!
I even found a little Ultraman to be my BOYFRIEND!! hahahahaha~
Anyway, this job really a good memory. All the colleague, supervisors and clients was nice and friendly.
Let the photo show you how fun we are!!
Who say only kids love the OWL!? All Enfa Freak LOVE it too.
Our Handsome and Pretty head. The leader Albert & Karen.
Our Client from Mead Johnson, Kenny.
Kenny Asst, Megan.
One of our Supervisor, Ker.
The Store Enfa Freak: Jason, Fatt, Yx, Kenny & Cy aka the runner.
The Redemption counter: Vivian, Belle & LayYan *look at Megan* LOL
The place which all kids LOVE the most and they always skip my station because of this!! TT
Space Walk: JH, LayYan, Dav, Melody & Thamo
DHA Expert: Cy, JingHan, Suan, Kei & Wei
Hot Spell: Cheryline, Krystle, C-Yan & Chris
Music Match my station: Jessy, Evon & me.
Us, Crazying when not very crowded =P

Ermm~~ please don't focus the love birds main point the flying ping pongs.
The main entrance, where you have too watch & listen what the owl say.
The Welcome Station: April & Rainie aka runner.

This Baby girl when here because it was her birthday!! So Megan suggest to sing her a birthday song =) She so damn CUTE!
The Store room which is flowed by BLUE BALLOON!!! cool right~LOL
The Group Picture on the 1st day. Requested by LuYi cause she only worked for the first day.
Last day of work. The guys.
The Girls.
Everyone = THE ENFA FREAKS!!!
My Picture of the day!!
Caption: I'm TEMPORARY FREE!!!!! LOL!!
BuhBYE~ Please do left me some comments.
I know not many people will read or even come into my blog.
Anyway, I will still read!! Because I want to, not because want you to come =)