Friday, August 12, 2011



Before starting my ENFA FREAK post, Showing my Watermelon Austin Mini Cooper modelling! XD
Cute right~! I gave the name Watermelon!!
I Done this with all my SIFU help which is Ron, Tris, Reno, Seff and Joshua.
They taught me how to do this and how to do that.
They also help me in solving the problem which keep occur=="

Okay, Start my Enfa Freak post.
I worked for Enfagrow for the 2nd time, last time were 2009 a small roadshow in supermarket.
This time is at Sunway Concourse a big event!!
If you missed this event, no worries. Because it will have another event at Klang, Jusco if no mistake.
On 16-18 September 2011. Come and join us =)
This job really nice, which you earn money, meet new friends and can play with plenty of kids!!
I even found a little Ultraman to be my BOYFRIEND!! hahahahaha~
Anyway, this job really a good memory. All the colleague, supervisors and clients was nice and friendly.
Let the photo show you how fun we are!!
Who say only kids love the OWL!? All Enfa Freak LOVE it too.
Our Handsome and Pretty head. The leader Albert & Karen.
Our Client from Mead Johnson, Kenny.
Kenny Asst, Megan.
One of our Supervisor, Ker.
The Store Enfa Freak: Jason, Fatt, Yx, Kenny & Cy aka the runner.
The Redemption counter: Vivian, Belle & LayYan *look at Megan* LOL
The place which all kids LOVE the most and they always skip my station because of this!! TT
Space Walk: JH, LayYan, Dav, Melody & Thamo
DHA Expert: Cy, JingHan, Suan, Kei & Wei
Hot Spell: Cheryline, Krystle, C-Yan & Chris
Music Match my station: Jessy, Evon & me.
Us, Crazying when not very crowded =P

Ermm~~ please don't focus the love birds main point the flying ping pongs.
The main entrance, where you have too watch & listen what the owl say.
The Welcome Station: April & Rainie aka runner.

This Baby girl when here because it was her birthday!! So Megan suggest to sing her a birthday song =) She so damn CUTE!
The Store room which is flowed by BLUE BALLOON!!! cool right~LOL
The Group Picture on the 1st day. Requested by LuYi cause she only worked for the first day.
Last day of work. The guys.
The Girls.
Everyone = THE ENFA FREAKS!!!
My Picture of the day!!
Caption: I'm TEMPORARY FREE!!!!! LOL!!
BuhBYE~ Please do left me some comments.
I know not many people will read or even come into my blog.
Anyway, I will still read!! Because I want to, not because want you to come =)

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