Monday, August 8, 2011


Finally Free

As what my title written! Finally free~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Free from my so called full time job at 7E and also my college assignment! Woohoo~~~
but however, still a little bit miss the time working at 7E with those staff there.
A picture i drew on my last week of working~ =)
College assingment finally done and the STFU getting nearest. so the end of my diploma!
Graduation and few of the college mate moving on with their studies other place and some start their working stop study.
Will miss the old time we just started our semester meeting each other as a freshmen in Tarc till now already 3year!
Can you believe?!
I'm gonna miss every single minute with all my friend in college.
Miss All the rushing assignment together! birthday surprise! eating together! karaoke together! the happy and sad! =)

LOL~ all the speech look like I'm going somewhere! LOL
Anyway, I continue my advance diploma at Tarc due to my parent requested=="
Maybe not a bad option for me. Who know. right~?

Anyway, The Cleo star search when Tarc for the search. Me, Ron and Tris attended just for fun! LOL
Here some photo of the event going on.
Waiting for our turn~
When I doing my makeover.
The makeup artist very pretty and I very like her quite a nice lady and she is the kind of pretty lady with tanned skin~
Lastly, Photo shooting ~LOL
Then, get you goodie at this booth~
Me when reach home! Taking a photo of cause. xD
This the final photo I choose.
hmm~ actually not, was choose by Tris and Ron.
1 word! FAT~!

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