Friday, September 16, 2011

AiAi AsAs

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I think everyone what is my latest BABY!? The 1 from my wishlist ^^~
Yup~ A iPhone 4 in WHITE!!
Now I finding for a pretty dress for my new Baby AiAi = 爱爱,the pronouns of  the name is from iPhone!! xD
But I can't found any cover or leather flip cases I really like it, so I when to night market and cincai bought a FAKE Case-Mate monster case just to protect my AiAi.

Hmmm~~ Anyway, I too bored staying at home.
I browse thru many web and saw few of it I SUPER LIKE!!!
But I most of it not from Malaysia web=="
So I hope I posting the photo here *in my bloggie*
so someone will saw and let me know where I can find it.

Okay~ Here start from this Leather flip case.
The web stated it is important from Korean. 
*NOT really believe it really from Korean but the design PROBABLY is Korean style*
Is a couple leather flip case, really LOVE it!! Hope I can get this!!
But the boy is for my bfy, cause he got a new baby AsAs = SS. *Samsung Galaxy S+*
So I hope I can find the boy case for Samsung Galaxy S+ and the girl case will be iPhone4.
2nd case if a very fluffy redish with white polka dot!!
Inspiration of Minnie Mouse cases, CUTE to the MAX!!
Most important it in red my favorite.
The cotton case really attract me. Special and CUTE!
Especially the little ribbon^^
3rd case, Kimono Japanese style.
This really special right? I haven really saw it at any Malaysia shop yet.
Or maybe I too "katak di bawah tempurung" =="
This is cotton or paper material, also having red color and very outstanding.
4th case, also the most favorite among all this cases here!!
If you watch Alice in Wonderland should know who is it.
the pink CAT, just look at the tail enough to melt me!
*Okay, I'm not a PINK color fans, I actually DISLIKE pink ALOT*
But this really really eye catching cases. The tail and the smiley mouth!!
Almost forget, material also cotton!! =)
Hope someone will reply or comment me!!
about where I can get it from!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEE

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My So and So

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Hey Hey~ I'm back to Puchong^^. I'm super boring stay at home doing nothing!! And Baby boii when back to JB. Currently on my graduated break, will start my Advance Diploma on 19th Sep but I think I will skip the 1st week. hahaha~! Pass week I worked for David under D Avenue company for the IGEM 2 Exhibition. Some photo of me and them. LoL #more photo
Me and Jh *actually we are best friend*
Amos *My buddy & my Ex housemate*
Alena *Actually not the 1st time we working together*
Quite tiring job cause we have to go there early than the actual time and the only thing we do is keep on TYPE, PRINT and CLIP. Don't care you are sitting or standing also tiring==" But 1 thing I love the most is I meet many friends =) Super CRAZY and nice people!
Sorry seriously no Mooncake fest photo or celebration! This year super simply have steamboat dinner at home with relative. Bfy joined my family dinner =) my family already accepted him. Anyway, who care what fest it is. Most important is all healthy and living happily. My family have a new member. This it is, 
Lucky is his name. FAT DOG he is!!! Still a puppy, just a normal dog not expensive dog. My bro pick it up nowhere. Now he is my mom pet. LOL~! He like my mom very much, cause my mom feed him and bath him. He super naughty, like to bite whatever he found and chase people! I very scare him. *People who know me know I SUPER LOVE scare animal*
Few photo to end this post. I too too too bored so I downloaded some photography apps and tried it out.
Opps did I mention? I actually got another thing from my wishlist!! =) Want to know what it is? Just look at my wishlist ya. Is on my blog left column. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our Way To End Diplome

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Although a bit late for this Trip update^^" But still better then no right!?
Here super duper many photo, so I will short all wording. 
Well prepare to the Bitch
Opps~ Beach!
Our Jump SHOOT!!! Thanks to me to suggested this funny thing to do! xD
This is the most favorite shot in all~ =)
The couple~
All of us~
The L.O.V.E the hilarious version! ahhahaha!
The look-so-sense us! hahah

Hahaha~ the Sand man! SiJian
My name on the sand~
Our very stupid looking love shape=.='
This the most fun part of all! Dodge ball!!!!!!!
Okay~ this part is the most creepy part!

Night~ BBQ! Yummmy!!!!!!!!! I ate damn many foood!

Time to go back~ When to the beach side for a walk~
Oh~Tidak pose!

VonVon~ Will miss her! She stopping~
Our 2nd day Breakfast from Jane and Fei~
The ball which we dodged~ haha
Pretty scenery~
The sea water~wave
A friend who joined us~
The shit by The girls=.=
Lastly of cause! Our group picture ^^~
Photo credit: Jeff / RonRon / VonVon