Friday, September 16, 2011


AiAi AsAs

I think everyone what is my latest BABY!? The 1 from my wishlist ^^~
Yup~ A iPhone 4 in WHITE!!
Now I finding for a pretty dress for my new Baby AiAi = 爱爱,the pronouns of  the name is from iPhone!! xD
But I can't found any cover or leather flip cases I really like it, so I when to night market and cincai bought a FAKE Case-Mate monster case just to protect my AiAi.

Hmmm~~ Anyway, I too bored staying at home.
I browse thru many web and saw few of it I SUPER LIKE!!!
But I most of it not from Malaysia web=="
So I hope I posting the photo here *in my bloggie*
so someone will saw and let me know where I can find it.

Okay~ Here start from this Leather flip case.
The web stated it is important from Korean. 
*NOT really believe it really from Korean but the design PROBABLY is Korean style*
Is a couple leather flip case, really LOVE it!! Hope I can get this!!
But the boy is for my bfy, cause he got a new baby AsAs = SS. *Samsung Galaxy S+*
So I hope I can find the boy case for Samsung Galaxy S+ and the girl case will be iPhone4.
2nd case if a very fluffy redish with white polka dot!!
Inspiration of Minnie Mouse cases, CUTE to the MAX!!
Most important it in red my favorite.
The cotton case really attract me. Special and CUTE!
Especially the little ribbon^^
3rd case, Kimono Japanese style.
This really special right? I haven really saw it at any Malaysia shop yet.
Or maybe I too "katak di bawah tempurung" =="
This is cotton or paper material, also having red color and very outstanding.
4th case, also the most favorite among all this cases here!!
If you watch Alice in Wonderland should know who is it.
the pink CAT, just look at the tail enough to melt me!
*Okay, I'm not a PINK color fans, I actually DISLIKE pink ALOT*
But this really really eye catching cases. The tail and the smiley mouth!!
Almost forget, material also cotton!! =)
Hope someone will reply or comment me!!
about where I can get it from!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEE


Sarah Lee said...

i want iphone also !!

Carolinelzt said...

LOL~ i think they got BB cases also same pattern also. if not how to earn~

Micky said...

the cases i think can DIY..just have to buy the same materials and do it only..but not for the couple case lah..

Carolinelzt said...

the mickey mouse i found d, but i like the pink cat cases more!! Hope i found it~TT

Micky said...

DIY is the easiest way LOL

Carolinelzt said...

LOL~ im not good in DIY~ LOL