Saturday, September 3, 2011


Our Way To End Diplome

Although a bit late for this Trip update^^" But still better then no right!?
Here super duper many photo, so I will short all wording. 
Well prepare to the Bitch
Opps~ Beach!
Our Jump SHOOT!!! Thanks to me to suggested this funny thing to do! xD
This is the most favorite shot in all~ =)
The couple~
All of us~
The L.O.V.E the hilarious version! ahhahaha!
The look-so-sense us! hahah

Hahaha~ the Sand man! SiJian
My name on the sand~
Our very stupid looking love shape=.='
This the most fun part of all! Dodge ball!!!!!!!
Okay~ this part is the most creepy part!

Night~ BBQ! Yummmy!!!!!!!!! I ate damn many foood!

Time to go back~ When to the beach side for a walk~
Oh~Tidak pose!

VonVon~ Will miss her! She stopping~
Our 2nd day Breakfast from Jane and Fei~
The ball which we dodged~ haha
Pretty scenery~
The sea water~wave
A friend who joined us~
The shit by The girls=.=
Lastly of cause! Our group picture ^^~
Photo credit: Jeff / RonRon / VonVon

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