Friday, October 14, 2011

Fashion Store

As what my title say this post will be all about Clothes and accessories. Probably most of you know, my sis have a online store name Blongielicious. She going to move her store and changer the name to Shuuger CorpShe tired of doing this business by herself, so Shuuger Corp is a store she and her friend business. So they will be more update from them, wait for the new arrival. =) Now she trying to clear all her stock, so she can order new stuff. Here some of her ON SALES Item *ACTUALLY ALL ARE ON SALES!* The price start from RM5 - RM30 For more just click on the capital word. =) Enjoy shopping at Shuuger Corp.

Most of the item is Brand New!!

Actually most of the clothes really nice, just my mom keep scolding cause buy to much clothes even the closet no more places to fit in my clothes=="

Korean Accessories
Really cute, my sis got herself the white rose ring too. I wanted to get the ice-cream earring for myself but, I don't really change my earring unless I lost mine=="

My sis gave me 1 very cute design, pendant is a Present box! =)
Facebook : Shuuger Corp
BlogStore : Shuuger Collection


Many people don't really believe in ONLINE STORE.
Why?! There's only few reason:
1. Worry of the size.
2. Color wasn't as what we saw.
3. Quality very bad.
As above, my sis an Online store owner, all this problem she facing too, due to supplier. Anyway, the item my sis order still nice and good. So no worry. Okay back to my main purpose. Erm~ I don't how I found this store, and their Tanks are super CHEAP you can found in town! RM5 for one. But I didn't buy tank I bought dress and pants. Still reasonable price. Dress come with the woven belt guess how much?

Is only RM15!!! CHEAP!?
For me damn cheap, RM15 for a dress+belt and really comfort material! =)

Pants~ RM25 for one!!
So I got 2 Red & White. Come with thin woven belt too.Quality nice and thick. The only thing not so good is quite short. When I bend down half of my butt almost revealed! ==" But overall still NICE! Especially the RED 1~!!
Forgot post their link~ =)

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