Saturday, October 22, 2011


Erm~I guess I haven written anything about I continuing my Advance Diploma at TARC. Anyway, I really didn't think of contiuing in many reason I gave myself to stop studying. I know I'm not that talented in this field I got the mouth to say but when you want me to do, it will be SHIT. I'm very lazy to study everyday and going to class is really nothing to me, when to class just like showing my face to my lecturer telling them "I here today, please give me attendance". Most important is, I want to start earning money, I want to use my own effort to earn money and stop using parent money.

But all this reason was "defeat" by my dad 1 reason for me to continue my Study!!! ><" He say "Who call you to have two sister who study till so high level of education" at that moment I really speechless. Only thing I can say is "Okay, I continue study" HOW SAD!!!

All my besties stopped Advance Diploma, left me alone fighting all the way to the end~ Anyway, I must survive through all this because the tuition fee is  expensive!! 

Started my Adv Dip and now it is the 5th week of classes. I been doing many stuff. Like re-applying PTPTN, delay my Dip PTPTN loan, Assignment and worrying what kind of company will accept me as their intern. For intern, I have to write a resume, retake my passport photo and a Motion Demoreel as my profile.

My resume shit, cause totally ZERO experience in my own study field==" My photo MORE SUCK!! Look like a fat auntie! Who gonna hired me!? Will you hired me after saw my photo and my ZERO experience=="
This The first Demoreel I did. Simple and normal slide.

Then, I added some Camera view, easy camera view. Does this look better??

My 3D assignment, Character modeling. This is how my character look like, Monster rabbit combine with frog! LOL. This the first sketching of my monster at the beginning but my lecturer say it will be more easier to model if your character is symmetric so~ have to redraw.
So The redraw Monster look more kind and innocent~LOL. My friend say every girl character should be cute and lovely but why me as a girl but draw something so creepy~hahaha Look at the blue print for side view it look like a carrot + B + L~hahaha!!

This how it look like after I model it out using 3D MAX. Look okay? Although not that detail, but I'm satisfy. I use around 2-3days for this. This only the beginning of my 3D assignment. I still have to make this monster move and produce a animation using him.
Look at the eyes and the stitches on his mouth! Look so cool~ hahaha WHO SAY IT LOOK CREEPY~ Is cool~


LuPorTi said...

The reason your dad gave, made me speechless as well.

Carolinelzt said...

LOL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~he the boss