Thursday, October 6, 2011



Wao! Know what!?
I won 3passes for Neverland, thru Cheesie & Nuffnang.
But don't know going or not=="
In my assignment rush and Boyfriend don't really like me going club.
And he will work till night 10pm. How How How!?

Should I give my pass to my friends?
One more thing. 3passes = 3people?
Just now receive a call from Nuffnang or Neverland saying about I won the passes, I was to stunned to ask the question~=="

*~Thanks to Cheesie & Nuffnang for the PASSES~*


Micky said...

where's neverland??

Carolinelzt said...

not very sure~but around pavilion.
as they told me is behind pavilion~