Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This is life.

When you are busy with your college or works you keep on saying "Please let me rest" "I need more time" or "when can I finish all this JUNK". But in fact, when you get you free time u will say so "My Gosh, Bored like HELL!!" "When can I start my new semester/ works?!" or "Im boringggggg". This is human!! And I'm so.

Anyway, Facebook is boring!!! Nothing new. Friends most of them "BUSY" with their own life not bothering me. Boyfriend only know how to work and SLEEP!?==" So what can I do!? Can someone intro me some job start from 3rd of January to end of January!? PLEASE really need one my wallet is drying out!?

Yesterday, 26 December 2010.
One of my Secondary bestie(Angie) birthday, picture will upload when I got it. Nothing special, as usual when to have dinner at Ampang Look Out Point. Snap photo chit chat and eat. Look like I have missed out quite many thing from them. Look like I'm stepping out of the gang line. Yesterday look like a reunion for me not a birthday celebration and feel abit awkward, seem like not really can merge in to them anymore. This what I mean by "Look like a gang, but feel like a strangers", happen to have a big I mean a huge GAP between me and them. 

They have many thing I really don't know, like what they chat it just out of my channel and channel incorrect. 1word "WEIRD". They are my best buddies but feel so wrong, cause I can only feel they just more then friends but not best buddies. You get what I mean!? 

Anyway, right now more important thing is get a part time job and finish up my college as soon as possible!!!!!

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