Monday, January 23, 2012


Chinese New Year Eve

Been tired for the whole day house cleaning last minute! This is why people say don't do it last minute.

Also when to Time Square to exchange dad polo shirt and Nelson shirt size but Kitschen staff don't allow they say "Sales period purchase can't be exchangeable" and I super pissed off for serious! Hello I bought with my cash and it is not a on sales item! And came back with ur stock and receipt! This kind of service should change for serious Kitschen!!

Then rush back for family dinner, simple dinner due to no big celebration for our family. Anyway still a family dinner before CNY.

Wanted to say sorry to my parent, I know you guys wanted me to come home more, but do you know I don't really like coming home sometime! Cause I never have a bed to sleep, and like I have to beg my siblings for a bed or something. No place for me to put my stuff also and I have put it at living room. I hate air-conditional too! My nose and throat can't bare the cold!

My boyfriend just an item or I'm just an item to him. He never text or call me when he when back to JB! He care more on his friends those asshole friends and his game/useless dota more! He can go gamble and don't reply me! Also call go to hell cause he lose his gamble! Hello~ I know u not that love me but please atleast pretend to be can!? Atleast make me feel more better! I feel placeless lost! Home no place for me and u taking me as ur secondary back up item. Which to temporary take place of ur primary item while her away! Don't u feel mean!?

God so you really love me? If yes atleast treat me better in this new year 2012. Thanks love Caroline.

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