Friday, January 27, 2012


What is CNY!?

Serious when a person start growing older Chinese New Year look like a normal life to them. I'm 1 of them, seem like CNY is nothing different from normal day. I woke up eat dress up start calling who wanted to go out. Or doing nothing but sitting in front my laptop on Facebook and walk around the house like insane. CNY look like nothing to me anymore, CNY just like a official permit from my parent for letting us to go out till late night, gamble, buying super many clothes and go drink madly! Other then this it just look nothing special. Oh~ maybe something special is we can gather around with family and friends ever those quite long didn't contact friends.

I having a really bad CNY this year! Doing nothing since the first day. Keep waiting for people who don't appreciate me to call or text me. Red Packet money not enough to eat for a week too. Didn't when visit friend just when to few of friends house. Yesterday night when to friends house and rowing*drunk* house like HELL. Have nothing special, plan don't go accordingly. The only good thing is I won on Gamble.

My CNY is super boring and moody, how bout all of you who are reading my post right now? Share out what you guys do on Chinese New Year.

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