Monday, February 20, 2012

What Should Happen Must Happen.

7:14 PM 0
Yes~ it happen and earlier than I expected.
So!? Nothing can help and nothing can stop.
What can I do?

I surrender.
Sorry, I stepping off away from the game.
Let you guys continue the game.

Sorry and thank you.

You , She and I, We all know what happen.
There always a LOSER in a game, you and her don't hope to step back and lose.
So I just have to be the LOSER for our game.

Nothing really change other than you not here with me but with her.
I think nothing really change.
Hope you know what is LOVE, I don't know why is she here in our game.

Hope she is not the one who make me a loser neither you.
She the WINNER, but don't be proud.
Because I Surrender not she won the game with proud, she force you too and you force me.

This is reality and this is the game we playing. SORRY won't help.
You know what I really want.
But you don't want to sacrifice so I'm here ready for sacrifice.
But realizing she stepped in make me wanted to surrender more and stop sacrificing myself.

Maybe she the right one.
Like I say before, Learn to love learn to sacrifice.
I don't share, I always don't like to share since you know me the first day.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Can I Sleep

5:18 PM 0
I'm super tired! Still working here! But nothing to do. hahaha
So wish to Sleep right now! I want go home! SLEEEP!!!!
Boss can I go home now? PLEASE!

Tiring, If you'r my Facebook friends or my Instagram follower you will know I have a quite fun family trip to Thailand for 4days. and SUPER tired! We drive there and drive back KL, This morning 4am only reach home! And I woke up at 8am to work. 

Please imagine how terrible is my face right now, PANDA eyes and look like AUNTY. Messy hair with pimples face and didn't bath look! *delete the didn't bath cause I bath* hahahaha

Time please tick faster so I can go home early PLEASE!!!!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012


12:11 PM 4
Okay! Is time to end all of our Chinese New Year mood for REALLY! get your ASS up and start WORKING!! hahahaahhah
Well, I started my Internship at Flux Design Studio. It quite comfy environment here which made me feel sleepy while in the office! Wait for me to upload some photo of my Comfy Office for you guys to have a look! hahaha
And the air-con is super COLD! my foots and hands all numb! I think one Jacket or cardi is useless!! I should bring along my BLANKET! and glove!? hahahahaha

Now I in my office doing really nothing, but other look busy. *okay I know I damn useless here* Working is really not for me! Especially office work, cause I feel sleepy right now just sitting here really make me uncomfortable. People who really know me should know I can jump like a monkey for the whole day!==" Another uncomfortabe problem is, I'm the only female here! LOL~

Everything look good here, every morning before work I can have DimSum as breakfast cause downstairs is DimSum Restaurant! LOL Friendly Boss I have here. Freely I can do whatever when I'm free. A comfy sofa but no chances to sleep on it, even my boss allow I or we will not dare to sleep at there where everyone can stare at us with those OMFG look. Another nice stuff is they have a BIG BIG whole body mirror next to the toilet! Damn if this office full of female the mirror will definitely CRACK in 1week. This morning I spotted a SUPER COMFY pillow! Can I take it home!

The few thing I really hate is the STAIR!! Damn tired to climb to the 2nd floor!! Air-con is freaking cold!! Me and Reno really not used to not talking, cause our colleague don't talk many at office hour! hahahaha~ They make us feel embarrassing to talk too loud and we were whispering when we wanted to talk. 

Know what!? Our office toilet have a crocodile in it. Want to see!? XD