Monday, February 20, 2012


What Should Happen Must Happen.

Yes~ it happen and earlier than I expected.
So!? Nothing can help and nothing can stop.
What can I do?

I surrender.
Sorry, I stepping off away from the game.
Let you guys continue the game.

Sorry and thank you.

You , She and I, We all know what happen.
There always a LOSER in a game, you and her don't hope to step back and lose.
So I just have to be the LOSER for our game.

Nothing really change other than you not here with me but with her.
I think nothing really change.
Hope you know what is LOVE, I don't know why is she here in our game.

Hope she is not the one who make me a loser neither you.
She the WINNER, but don't be proud.
Because I Surrender not she won the game with proud, she force you too and you force me.

This is reality and this is the game we playing. SORRY won't help.
You know what I really want.
But you don't want to sacrifice so I'm here ready for sacrifice.
But realizing she stepped in make me wanted to surrender more and stop sacrificing myself.

Maybe she the right one.
Like I say before, Learn to love learn to sacrifice.
I don't share, I always don't like to share since you know me the first day.

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