Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Chapter

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On 28 March 2012, I gave myself and my life a New Chapter.
What New Chapter mean?

It mean I giving my life a new pages, where I can draw, write and reshoot every new moment or happening in my life. A page where no more Tears, No more Shouting, No more Pain, No more Sorrow and Of cause No more YOU! =)

Giving myself a better day and a better life. Treating myself better then, everyone can give me. New Chapter of my life begin now. Any of you wanted to appear in my New Chapter!? LOL
Then Date me out, Every second starting now is a New Chapter for me.

MsCarolineLzt - New Chapter -

Monday, March 26, 2012


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"To Let go out an Old stuff and a Bad Past tense, The best way is Get a New stuff and a Better Future tense. I belong to Nobody, I'm owner to Myself and I run my own life. Say Hello to Future and GoodBye to the Past. ♥"

Quote ; MsCarolineLzt

Just have to find a Quote to start my random post right~LOL
I think mostly who know me, daily hip hopping into my blog or Facebook friends will know I'm single for like almost a Month.
Cause of this breaking heart thingy, I lost 5kg weight! Sweet~***
I even Lost my appetite.

But I have already get thru all this SHIT, and I'm back to myself! 
The real Caroline for sure.
No one can Own my world anymore!
Anyway, I gaining back like 3-4Kg!!
Nothing else I can do other then, eat eat eat and sit sit sit=="

Please don't let me fat back.
I like this weight right now. ><

I shall go jogging every weekend.
Climb & hike hill every weekend too.
I shall stop all Oily food and snack!!
More water and SLEEP~


Time tick tocking very fast! It already end of March.
My Golden Key countdown is 1 more month to go.
So far, already 4 Notti Fam member got their Key, 2more week will be LuJi then is my turn!
Getting OLD~ FML!!

People who come please check my wishlist ya~ hahahahaahh!!
I don't mind getting 2 same stuff from different person.
I don't mind you buy me chocos, flowers or eatable stuff as long the packaging nice and with thing I can keep to remember who are you can d. =P

Anyway, still planning how to do my party, No big expectation for my Birthday Party.
Alcohol will be less and only eat and chit chat.
Then out we go for second round! Okay!?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


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Really is a creepiest nightmare ever! FML~ The night two day ago, I super tired cause after all the sport I been doing. Finally I have my sweet sleep, GUESS what I dream of!? My gosh, is HER! WTF~ do you have to appear in my dream?? It actually a sweet dream and suddenly YOU appear in my dream what the hell=="

It start with a great Dinner with Him, really sweet chat along the dinner. Suddenly SHE appear from NOWHERE and seat beside us. Can't remember the detail and don't ask me what we chat in my dream cause I dont remember. Then don't know why me and her started to argue, I don't remember why we argue. Then the argument became worse, she wanted to slap me and I wanted to slap her. He stopped us, then My phone RANG~ and I'm awake! hahahah~

Serious what a nightmare and I laugh when I woke up. Really thanks to that fella who morning called me to wake me up, if not I will continue with that STUPID dream. What a joke.

By the way, to all my friend. No worry, I'm okay and all those so-called emo song I post doesn't mean I'm emo, just I like the song. No other meaning. =)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


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Sunday, March 11, 2012


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Thought making myself busy will make me forget about you. Yes it really work but only that moment of busy, after that everything will be same. I when hill climbing again, and the scenery the sunrise make my mind clear and comfy. But after that my mood go down down again. The more tired I am the more I think of you. Like you never leave, keep on turning turning in my mind. The most I dislike is, you care about me and u care I don't even find u but u have to pretend u are not. I don't find you, you will find me. When I decide not to bother about your life, you find me. When I need you, when I need a good chat with you, the only thing you will say is "I will find you when I want too" okay that sentence really hurt you never know! That's why I just have to tell you whatever you told me before so you can feel how I really feel. I trying to get over my life really. If you really care about me please atleast do something show me that you really care about me and care about us. Know what? I'm the girlfriend in the beginning but now you make me feel like I'm the outside girl! The third party the bitch then mean one!!

Friday, March 9, 2012


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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


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When we can't really bare to losing, it will make us suffer. If you ask me, can I bare of losing, I can only tell you I can lose in any game but not in Love and Family. If you ask me, can I let go you? But can you ask yourself before you ask me this question? Can you let go me?! I mean for serious let go.

I really try to forget you, since the day u go back. I try really hard to ignore everything related on you. I try not to let my tears drop for you again, but still my tears just love to wash my face and love to wet my pillow every night. I hope you are the same as me. But seem like you are not, probably because the place you living don't really have thing related to us. 

I actually think and try to keep away every single thing which related you, but know what!? It just remind me that's everything on me is all belong to you or it was from you. My bag, wallet, watch, necklace and most of the thing in my room was all bought by you. Even my face washing foam set was bought by you too. If I want to forgot you there only two choice for me, 1; Throw everything in my room and keep away all the stuff u gave me. 2; Leave this room, and find a new room. Which choice do I have to choose? Can you teach me how to choose!?

I try not to think about you, but everywhere I go or everything I do all will linked to you. When I hoping to have dessert as supper no more you accompany me to Sweet Huts. When I really want to have sushi, no more you fetching me to dinner. When I'm tired just hoping to have a little fight with you but no more you. I really feel bored without you. Hope you will bored without me too.

One year wasn't short wasn't long, but for me this one year really mean many to me. Is you, who make me sad and happy at the same time, angry but still feel pampered by you at the same time. The one who teach me many thing and lead me many in my life. When there a problem or question you will be the first listener and my counselor. When I want something, you do it although u don't like it or keep saying "NO" but end up still doing so. Really miss you silly face and your very cute sleeping face. Miss how we fight for food. Miss how we always fight. Miss the time when we say each other fatty.

Know what? People say when they meet death, they will think more and more old stuff.  After we separated, all those old memories keep flowing in. Hope you still remember how we meet. all those playful moment, especially the day we crazily play and snap photo at pavilion. Still remember every night I bought you dinner. Remember what you called me and what I called you. Remember how I Love to mess with you puffy helmet hair. Remember you will disturb me even after a fight or argument with you. Still remember I messed up your surprise for me on our anniversary. Remember how lovely and playful we are before this. Snapping photo although you don't like snapping photo. Please remember and don't forget those memories. Please keep everything from me properly. Please don't lost my photo, my gift and clothes from me. One year later maybe will get it all back from you!

Hope I really can let go, and also hoping you will come back. If you not happy or suffer you can find me, as you know I always your listener. GoodBye Baby~

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


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而不是每天讲“我也不懂” “我也不知”,时间不等人你已错过了就回不去了。

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oh I See~

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So someone is watching my every move, I see!!
Never mind this always happen in every relation I started and I ended or On our half way.
Wonder what are you worrying about?? hmmm~~~
Know what I'm really curious about your feeling right now!
Scare, Worry, Angry, Sad, Proud or Happy!?
Or you don't really have any feeling right now?
I don't mind having a talk with you, the one being bossy is you.
I'm just a simple and very very straight forward lady.
And I don't bite, especially people like you.
No offence my dear~


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Wao~ guess what!! Since don't know when had promise my sis many time to accompany her to hill hiking but never once happen to success, but now I'm really do what I have promise her!

And I'm regretted cause I wake at 5am!! I just slept at 1++am was wake by someone call at 2++am! I just slept for like 2hours. Hope I won't regret after I on top of the hill==

Good for me too super long didn't sport since with HIM. Finally I have time for sport again and for my friends. Friends who saw this know what to do la!! Don't wait till I calls. =}

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Time Flies

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Just reach Home *Puchong*, wake up and started to count and packed his stuff make sure he didn't left out any important stuff. But mostly is clothes super many clothes!! Used two big bag to pack everything in=="

I'm worries of him and he worries of me this is life. Fetching him to bus station making me more emo. The last hug making me more hate of separating. I will remember what he told me and our promises. But thing really can change by time flow. Who know maybe 1year later you engaged, or i have new boyfriend, who know.

I will forever remember the word and the tears. Life still go on, is just matter of time. Give yourself some time everything will be fine. Is just habit that I'm always around you. You when back she will always be around you by that time you will definitely forget me and she will be your new habit. *smile* =}

Friday, March 2, 2012


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Know what love is nothing which happen 5minutes and last for 10minutes and end at 15minutes. To find a person you love you need few years time to get the right one. but you only need 1minute to end the relationship. When you really found the right one please don't let go no matter what happen. Even some situation made you guys fall apart, there always a solution. Depend on will u willing to let go something for the right one?

Human are all the same, selfish and greedy. They never want to hurt by other but always hurting other. To prevent from being fool around they fool people first. One never is enough for them, so they choose to cheat on their girl/man. But when they got what they want, they will just fly and MIA. Human are all the same. Don't come and try to tell "No I'm not, Im different" NONSENSE! BULLSHIT!

Playboy / playgirl not can't play, but please play with brain. Don't try to play with fire, one hurt you can't feel anything but after several time you will regret on what you have done before. By that time regretting is useless, moron!

Never treat I LOVE YOU as a normal sentence like "I'm eating" or "I'm going to sleep". Cause once you say it you have the responsible to take good care of using this words. Read what I found on Facebook and it is really meaningful ;;

"Don't say that. Just don't. Because i'll believe it. We'll say all these cute things to each other. And i'll go to bed smiling every night. And we'll have those "I love you more fights". And then one day you'll wake up and decide that you don't love me anymore, just like that, and take it all back. And don't tell me you won't because you will, just like the rest"

Just don't try to say I LOVE YOU when you doesn't really mean to stay with her/him forever, cause you will only ruin her/his life and hurt her/him.

This is what i have just posted on my Facebook wall an hour ago;;

*If a guy really love you he will never cheated on you. Never lie you. Never feel that you annoy him. Never feel bored looking at your messages. But once he started to do all this lady you know what happen. Guys if you don't like them don't touch them. Ladies please treat yourself better, don't touch people stuff if you don't like people touching yours!*

So don't touch people if you don't like them. Don't touch people stuff if you don't like people touching your's. Specially written this to YOU! And you know who you are. whether you reading or not. You may feel happy to see me suffering right now. You may feel happy cause you won him and he is going nearer and nearer to you. But you lose to yourself, by grabbing people stuff equal to stealing and you still proud of it. And you never know whether he really is truth to you or to me. He may told you he break up with me but at the same time he still hugging me saying "i love you" or "I just can't let you go" to me. You can be bitch infront me and become a kitty infront him, it is fine. Cause I don't really mind.

A guy can betray all his relation before and now he betray me cause of you, he will still continue betray you for another bitch in the future. This guy just like a BOM to me, he had exploded and hurt me. Becareful bitch and Start counting the time when the "bom" going to explode. By the way, I'm a BITCH too before I'm become a kitty infront him. So probably I will "BITCH" him back, OPPSSSY~ didn't I just mention "BITCH" HIM BACK? And I'm a person who hold on every GRUDGE I have received from other. I will pay back double to those BITCHES or maybe HIM as revenge!! *evil laugh*

*Don't take it too serious, hmm~ Or maybe just take it as a reminded that I will snatch this ASS BOM back, NO worries I will return THE BOM to you when I bored playing with IT!* **EVIL SMILE**