Sunday, March 11, 2012




Thought making myself busy will make me forget about you. Yes it really work but only that moment of busy, after that everything will be same. I when hill climbing again, and the scenery the sunrise make my mind clear and comfy. But after that my mood go down down again. The more tired I am the more I think of you. Like you never leave, keep on turning turning in my mind. The most I dislike is, you care about me and u care I don't even find u but u have to pretend u are not. I don't find you, you will find me. When I decide not to bother about your life, you find me. When I need you, when I need a good chat with you, the only thing you will say is "I will find you when I want too" okay that sentence really hurt you never know! That's why I just have to tell you whatever you told me before so you can feel how I really feel. I trying to get over my life really. If you really care about me please atleast do something show me that you really care about me and care about us. Know what? I'm the girlfriend in the beginning but now you make me feel like I'm the outside girl! The third party the bitch then mean one!!

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