Tuesday, March 20, 2012



Really is a creepiest nightmare ever! FML~ The night two day ago, I super tired cause after all the sport I been doing. Finally I have my sweet sleep, GUESS what I dream of!? My gosh, is HER! WTF~ do you have to appear in my dream?? It actually a sweet dream and suddenly YOU appear in my dream what the hell=="

It start with a great Dinner with Him, really sweet chat along the dinner. Suddenly SHE appear from NOWHERE and seat beside us. Can't remember the detail and don't ask me what we chat in my dream cause I dont remember. Then don't know why me and her started to argue, I don't remember why we argue. Then the argument became worse, she wanted to slap me and I wanted to slap her. He stopped us, then My phone RANG~ and I'm awake! hahahah~

Serious what a nightmare and I laugh when I woke up. Really thanks to that fella who morning called me to wake me up, if not I will continue with that STUPID dream. What a joke.

By the way, to all my friend. No worry, I'm okay and all those so-called emo song I post doesn't mean I'm emo, just I like the song. No other meaning. =)

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