Monday, March 26, 2012



"To Let go out an Old stuff and a Bad Past tense, The best way is Get a New stuff and a Better Future tense. I belong to Nobody, I'm owner to Myself and I run my own life. Say Hello to Future and GoodBye to the Past. ♥"

Quote ; MsCarolineLzt

Just have to find a Quote to start my random post right~LOL
I think mostly who know me, daily hip hopping into my blog or Facebook friends will know I'm single for like almost a Month.
Cause of this breaking heart thingy, I lost 5kg weight! Sweet~***
I even Lost my appetite.

But I have already get thru all this SHIT, and I'm back to myself! 
The real Caroline for sure.
No one can Own my world anymore!
Anyway, I gaining back like 3-4Kg!!
Nothing else I can do other then, eat eat eat and sit sit sit=="

Please don't let me fat back.
I like this weight right now. ><

I shall go jogging every weekend.
Climb & hike hill every weekend too.
I shall stop all Oily food and snack!!
More water and SLEEP~


Time tick tocking very fast! It already end of March.
My Golden Key countdown is 1 more month to go.
So far, already 4 Notti Fam member got their Key, 2more week will be LuJi then is my turn!
Getting OLD~ FML!!

People who come please check my wishlist ya~ hahahahaahh!!
I don't mind getting 2 same stuff from different person.
I don't mind you buy me chocos, flowers or eatable stuff as long the packaging nice and with thing I can keep to remember who are you can d. =P

Anyway, still planning how to do my party, No big expectation for my Birthday Party.
Alcohol will be less and only eat and chit chat.
Then out we go for second round! Okay!?

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