Saturday, March 3, 2012


Time Flies

Just reach Home *Puchong*, wake up and started to count and packed his stuff make sure he didn't left out any important stuff. But mostly is clothes super many clothes!! Used two big bag to pack everything in=="

I'm worries of him and he worries of me this is life. Fetching him to bus station making me more emo. The last hug making me more hate of separating. I will remember what he told me and our promises. But thing really can change by time flow. Who know maybe 1year later you engaged, or i have new boyfriend, who know.

I will forever remember the word and the tears. Life still go on, is just matter of time. Give yourself some time everything will be fine. Is just habit that I'm always around you. You when back she will always be around you by that time you will definitely forget me and she will be your new habit. *smile* =}

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