Friday, March 2, 2012



Know what love is nothing which happen 5minutes and last for 10minutes and end at 15minutes. To find a person you love you need few years time to get the right one. but you only need 1minute to end the relationship. When you really found the right one please don't let go no matter what happen. Even some situation made you guys fall apart, there always a solution. Depend on will u willing to let go something for the right one?

Human are all the same, selfish and greedy. They never want to hurt by other but always hurting other. To prevent from being fool around they fool people first. One never is enough for them, so they choose to cheat on their girl/man. But when they got what they want, they will just fly and MIA. Human are all the same. Don't come and try to tell "No I'm not, Im different" NONSENSE! BULLSHIT!

Playboy / playgirl not can't play, but please play with brain. Don't try to play with fire, one hurt you can't feel anything but after several time you will regret on what you have done before. By that time regretting is useless, moron!

Never treat I LOVE YOU as a normal sentence like "I'm eating" or "I'm going to sleep". Cause once you say it you have the responsible to take good care of using this words. Read what I found on Facebook and it is really meaningful ;;

"Don't say that. Just don't. Because i'll believe it. We'll say all these cute things to each other. And i'll go to bed smiling every night. And we'll have those "I love you more fights". And then one day you'll wake up and decide that you don't love me anymore, just like that, and take it all back. And don't tell me you won't because you will, just like the rest"

Just don't try to say I LOVE YOU when you doesn't really mean to stay with her/him forever, cause you will only ruin her/his life and hurt her/him.

This is what i have just posted on my Facebook wall an hour ago;;

*If a guy really love you he will never cheated on you. Never lie you. Never feel that you annoy him. Never feel bored looking at your messages. But once he started to do all this lady you know what happen. Guys if you don't like them don't touch them. Ladies please treat yourself better, don't touch people stuff if you don't like people touching yours!*

So don't touch people if you don't like them. Don't touch people stuff if you don't like people touching your's. Specially written this to YOU! And you know who you are. whether you reading or not. You may feel happy to see me suffering right now. You may feel happy cause you won him and he is going nearer and nearer to you. But you lose to yourself, by grabbing people stuff equal to stealing and you still proud of it. And you never know whether he really is truth to you or to me. He may told you he break up with me but at the same time he still hugging me saying "i love you" or "I just can't let you go" to me. You can be bitch infront me and become a kitty infront him, it is fine. Cause I don't really mind.

A guy can betray all his relation before and now he betray me cause of you, he will still continue betray you for another bitch in the future. This guy just like a BOM to me, he had exploded and hurt me. Becareful bitch and Start counting the time when the "bom" going to explode. By the way, I'm a BITCH too before I'm become a kitty infront him. So probably I will "BITCH" him back, OPPSSSY~ didn't I just mention "BITCH" HIM BACK? And I'm a person who hold on every GRUDGE I have received from other. I will pay back double to those BITCHES or maybe HIM as revenge!! *evil laugh*

*Don't take it too serious, hmm~ Or maybe just take it as a reminded that I will snatch this ASS BOM back, NO worries I will return THE BOM to you when I bored playing with IT!* **EVIL SMILE**

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