Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What a day!

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Hahaha~ On the way home!
Jamming so blog a short post using my new phone, iPhone 4s!

Anyway, I'm super hungry right now!
I only ate 2 sandwich and 1 choco milk!!
I'm so so so godlike! Hahah


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Guess What!?
Is a another GIVEAWAY for all of you, even if there any reader really read my post! LOL
A summer giveaway from LBD & Onesies a pretty blogger from Indonesia if Im no mistaken.

She giving out 10 Pairs Firmoo Sunglasses.
and no worries you can get it cause open internationally, they ship to many country~! AWESOME right!?

Want to get a Free Sunglass for your SUMMER!?
Too too much thing to do to win this gift, SERIOUS! So much=="
I will just shorten it.
Go to LBD and Onesies Blog and Follow her.

Go Facebook and Like Both of their page.

and Post a Status about the Giveaway *as I did* on your wall.
Remember tag them.

Go Twitter and Follow both.

and Tweet about the Giveaway.

And of course write a post about the GIVEAWAY on ur Blog page!!

Lastly, grab the photo and make a Banner at your sidebar with the GIVEAWAY link.

It will be more easier if you guys go to LBD Onesies Summer Giveaway
She have Rafflecopter widget,
so you will never left out the chances to win back a Firmoo Sunglasses.

Do it, don't just think.
The link i already gave, win it. *smile*

Thursday, April 19, 2012


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Who don't hate OT!
I HATE OVERTIME but not the one we drank beer! Hahahha

I'm so tired!! My back is so damn pain due to only sitting here from morning till now!
My eyes super tired!! And can't concentrate cause facing computer too too much!!y head is so so aching!! Lack of sleep + facing computer making it worse!

Why dont let me home?! Since that bitch is still choosing! My god! Is already good enough and u want us to change! You don't need to rest but I need I'm still young to still up late!! Hahahaha

Serious~ feel so u healthy recent! Breathe too heavy my lung feel pain! My digestion is bad recent~ I got bad breathe my gosh!! My eye is so getting worst getting blur. can't concentrate==!
My face pimples is popping out!! Arggggggg~|| I hate this life but not the job! I hate my unhealthy body!!


Monday, April 2, 2012

q0q0's 3rd Giveaway

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If you are curious who is q0q0 is ( Click IN )
She running her 3rd Giveaway.
Im just trying my Lucky, never participate in her giveaway before.


Photo show the prize and the end date of this give away, For more detail ( Click Here )
Follow her instruction to participate. =)
The only thing make me participate is that cute pinkish winking doll, although I don't know what it is!
hahahaha =="

Just trying out my lucky~ Good Lucky everyone.