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Im a ON and OFF blogger, blog when my mood is there. Owner of La.sista Collection Online Fashion shop. I still do sport; Marathon and Mix Martial Arts. I LOVE buying shoes but I don't really wear them. Here is where I write my nonsense.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Who don't hate OT!
I HATE OVERTIME but not the one we drank beer! Hahahha

I'm so tired!! My back is so damn pain due to only sitting here from morning till now!
My eyes super tired!! And can't concentrate cause facing computer too too much!!y head is so so aching!! Lack of sleep + facing computer making it worse!

Why dont let me home?! Since that bitch is still choosing! My god! Is already good enough and u want us to change! You don't need to rest but I need I'm still young to still up late!! Hahahaha

Serious~ feel so u healthy recent! Breathe too heavy my lung feel pain! My digestion is bad recent~ I got bad breathe my gosh!! My eye is so getting worst getting blur. can't concentrate==!
My face pimples is popping out!! Arggggggg~|| I hate this life but not the job! I hate my unhealthy body!!


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