Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Public Transport?

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My worst nightmare!!
The first time it happen like this.
First time it turn into so terrible by me.
The first time it have to send home but a big tow truck.

It really frightened me for awhile and I stunned for few second!
Till now still feel bad about what happen to it.
Super moody about what happen to it.

Lucky I always put on my seatbelt whenever I'm inside the car, if not my head should be bleeding and lying on hospital bed, it will not be minor knock. =(

SORRY Baby Waja, mommy still love you!

How to go class?! OHMYMYGOSH
Need to take public transport d? Or any volunteer willing to be my driver for months?

Never ever drive when you are sleepy!? Especially traveling or long distance drive. Remember seatbelt is builded in your car SO use it!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


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Assignment week!

Less shopping
Less tea break
Less supper
Less movie
Less sport
Less Facebook
Less blogging
Less instagram
Less sleep

Everything cutting down! Except my weight!! FML
The lesser I do all those stuff and just sit infront my laptop for assignment the more weight I gain! DAFUQ

SAVE! All half death, half human half zombie. Rawrrrrr

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pass tense

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Wao~Time pass really fast! I look back to my old blog post. And I found this WTF post.

Kinda emo nemo for few second and also kinda laughed myself or maybe them!? Idk~ But still thanks to both of you, if not I might be super stupid till now. And I won't have the chance to get to know more better greater people.

I won't have more free time for myself. What i wrote at that post really happen. Maybe not all but at least half, but no worries cause the last part didn't happen. Because I don't think I want him back.
You guys are better to be together. ^^v *peace*

Another Night

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Went to Wai Sek Kai, KL for dinner.
Don't ask me the exact location, cause idk=.="

There a Fried chicken stall near the roadside, end of the alley.
Is a must try, their friend chicken is YUMMY!
The queuing never stop and always long, enlarge the photo to see.

Left fried chicken organs and chicken ASS! 0.0 I don't eat only that fella eat.
We also bought Chi Cheong Fun.
Normal chi cheong fun have many stuff like tofu, meatball or fried soya skin etc etc.
But their chi cheong fun is only the "fun" with their sauce/curry really yummy.
Don't ask me which stall cause is that fella buy I just sit and wait for the food! hahaha

The food not fill fulling my stomach so he bought me some Grill Tofu!
quite nice also! =D

After dinner, Movie "The Brave"!!!!!!
Good cartoon, good storyline!!! Nice~ I likey!

That fella can be very handsome too.
but not showing you guys, later you all jealous! hahaha

Photo of the night! hahahah
Super like my wavy hair, thanks to LucidoL styling cream and my sis new hairdryer! hahahaha

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Babe Night

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Been long long long never gather together d.
With my Babes!
Dinner with LiLi at Uncle Jang again!! Super Love their rice cake!

Waiting! Portion of two person.

still waiting

FINALLY~ Dinner is served!

After dinner meet up with the others, for dessert.
Pick-Me-Up, Kuchai Lama.

Us, super long didn't have a nice picture of five of us!
But still someone missing!
We still waiting her to come "HOME"

Love this the most! hahaha



Thursday, July 19, 2012


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PV6 Taman Melati
Master room to rent.
with own toilet
(fyi MU pv all toilet are share even master room, but mine is locked for master room use only)

~washing machine
~cooking stove

can move in anytime!!!! Start now (July)
PM me or whatsapp/sms 016-9067652 no calls THANKS


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Started a trial gym at True Fitness at USJ Taipan.

Look good but the machine there mostly not working=="
Many muscular there but haven spotted super handsome muscular yet! hahahaha

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


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What does roses mean!?

FYI, I'm Blog Marathon!! hahaha~
Mean I will keep on blogging, to chase back my previous amount of post per years!
It keep on lesser and lesser month by month, year by year!

Nights Friends & Blogger.
Stalker if you still stalking me.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Random Life

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 It been sometime me and my sis didn't went out together! =)
When Sunway for a quick shopping with her and had our dinner at Zanmai.
Our all time favorite restaurant.

Ordered this salmon set.
Salmon maki, salmon, salmon belly, smoked salmon.
Yummy! My Favorite!!!! This set is worth than ordering ala cart salmon sushi.

Soft-shell crab Japanese pancake!
A bit too thick, thinner will be nicer.

This is IDK what name but is deep fried potatoes wrap soft-shell crab.
We waited for this dish for so freaking long, till we lost our mood to enjoy it.
The sauce is long island plus fish roe?!

Dimsum in the morning, is great!
I forgot to take picture of the XiuLongBao & LaoShaBao.
Quite yummy.


Baby 21st Birthday

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Is 14July2012 - Saturday
Is my Baby Tris Tris 21st Birthday!
Happy 21st Birthday Baby!!!!!!!!!

Her Birthday them is Blue and Red.
I knew she wearing RED so I told everyone who going club to wear BLUE, So she is can but the princess of the day.

Her very pinkish and cute birthday cake.

Her Pretty mom and her pretty sis
Her family are all Pretty woman.

Her funny boyfriend.

We finally another photo of three of us =)
My honeybee and soulmate!
LineLine, ShaSha & RonRon

Birthday Kiss from us <3 Muackss

Sarah & Keith

Her Second round Party, velvet.
No much photo taken cause something happen.
And kinda chaos probably too big gang of people.
Situation kinda out of our control.
Thing goon messy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But manage to take picture of us!

And met my Ex-housemate! Edison.
You getting chubbier~weiii!
Time to work out. hahahaha *evil*

That's everything!
Nights Friends, Readers and never forget Stalkers!

Multimedia War Fight!

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Is the MUD again.
The day where we gather and have some fun with all our senior and junior of multimedia design study in TARC.
This time we when for Paintball at Dusun Ali King, Gombak.
Really fun game but a bit fast, probably too many people we can't play more.

Bryan & Line

Our only AIM! Our cute and funny lecturer Mr bernard!
This is what happen to him, got shot. (fyi ;  he is explaining where he got shot)

Everyone is resting, while waiting for our turn.

End of the game and head home!!!! Last Picture.

Time passed very very fast.
And this gang of silly friends, I have already knew them and study with them for 3years.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Donate Donate

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I'm a Donor, Are you?
Blood donation, I skipped for few time.
finally donated again.

Donate blood won't harm you, you might helped someone with you blood too.


FOOD Again!

2:44 AM 2
As I say at my previous post been having many good food recently!
Recommended to go and have a try! You might like it!
First recommended restaurant, Thai Thai at Sunway New Wing.
Their Curry is a MUST TRY!! Super Creamy curry ever.
Their TomYam soup is not bad too, But I still prefer the TomYam I have at Thailand.
Thailand TomYam really super spicy and super sourly, Damn Like it!!
 The Curry Egg Noodle!
Creamiest curry I ever have.

Pandan Chicken, Nice can try.
Tomyam seafood soup, Yummy!

Second Restaurant, Ayers Rock Butcher & Grill at Wangsa maju opposite of Dasein academy.
They burger quite nice! but the meat Patty a bit salty.
Their gravy YUMMY!

My Chicken patty burger.

 After meal, dessert!
Sorry this cafe I only know it located inside Bangsar Village.
Their Oreo Cheese is OMFG nice!!!!!!!!!!! *drooling*

This is a Brunch with my Super cute Ex.
A treat from me to him as his 23rd birthday present.
Brotzeit Germany cuisine.
Not bad, quite nice actually but the portion is a bit small.
If you eat big portion it might not suit u.
If you are meat lover this restaurant u should go and have a try.

My Mozzarella pork fillet, yummy! Nice

His, idk what! hahahah
But is some sort of steak.

His Birthday cake from me! hahaha
Alexis cake as dessert, once again ordered Tiramisu, he never try before so let him try it.
And still I dislike it! too sweet and so coffee-ish=="
second cake is fruity cake, This is nice!
Not too sweet and with those berry on it = NICE.

Nighty night Everyone.
Friends, Readers & Stalkers.
Byebye~ Muacks!