Sunday, July 22, 2012


Another Night

Went to Wai Sek Kai, KL for dinner.
Don't ask me the exact location, cause idk=.="

There a Fried chicken stall near the roadside, end of the alley.
Is a must try, their friend chicken is YUMMY!
The queuing never stop and always long, enlarge the photo to see.

Left fried chicken organs and chicken ASS! 0.0 I don't eat only that fella eat.
We also bought Chi Cheong Fun.
Normal chi cheong fun have many stuff like tofu, meatball or fried soya skin etc etc.
But their chi cheong fun is only the "fun" with their sauce/curry really yummy.
Don't ask me which stall cause is that fella buy I just sit and wait for the food! hahaha

The food not fill fulling my stomach so he bought me some Grill Tofu!
quite nice also! =D

After dinner, Movie "The Brave"!!!!!!
Good cartoon, good storyline!!! Nice~ I likey!

That fella can be very handsome too.
but not showing you guys, later you all jealous! hahaha

Photo of the night! hahahah
Super like my wavy hair, thanks to LucidoL styling cream and my sis new hairdryer! hahahaha

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