Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Baby 21st Birthday

Is 14July2012 - Saturday
Is my Baby Tris Tris 21st Birthday!
Happy 21st Birthday Baby!!!!!!!!!

Her Birthday them is Blue and Red.
I knew she wearing RED so I told everyone who going club to wear BLUE, So she is can but the princess of the day.

Her very pinkish and cute birthday cake.

Her Pretty mom and her pretty sis
Her family are all Pretty woman.

Her funny boyfriend.

We finally another photo of three of us =)
My honeybee and soulmate!
LineLine, ShaSha & RonRon

Birthday Kiss from us <3 Muackss

Sarah & Keith

Her Second round Party, velvet.
No much photo taken cause something happen.
And kinda chaos probably too big gang of people.
Situation kinda out of our control.
Thing goon messy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But manage to take picture of us!

And met my Ex-housemate! Edison.
You getting chubbier~weiii!
Time to work out. hahahaha *evil*

That's everything!
Nights Friends, Readers and never forget Stalkers!

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