Monday, July 16, 2012


FOOD Again!

As I say at my previous post been having many good food recently!
Recommended to go and have a try! You might like it!
First recommended restaurant, Thai Thai at Sunway New Wing.
Their Curry is a MUST TRY!! Super Creamy curry ever.
Their TomYam soup is not bad too, But I still prefer the TomYam I have at Thailand.
Thailand TomYam really super spicy and super sourly, Damn Like it!!
 The Curry Egg Noodle!
Creamiest curry I ever have.

Pandan Chicken, Nice can try.
Tomyam seafood soup, Yummy!

Second Restaurant, Ayers Rock Butcher & Grill at Wangsa maju opposite of Dasein academy.
They burger quite nice! but the meat Patty a bit salty.
Their gravy YUMMY!

My Chicken patty burger.

 After meal, dessert!
Sorry this cafe I only know it located inside Bangsar Village.
Their Oreo Cheese is OMFG nice!!!!!!!!!!! *drooling*

This is a Brunch with my Super cute Ex.
A treat from me to him as his 23rd birthday present.
Brotzeit Germany cuisine.
Not bad, quite nice actually but the portion is a bit small.
If you eat big portion it might not suit u.
If you are meat lover this restaurant u should go and have a try.

My Mozzarella pork fillet, yummy! Nice

His, idk what! hahahah
But is some sort of steak.

His Birthday cake from me! hahaha
Alexis cake as dessert, once again ordered Tiramisu, he never try before so let him try it.
And still I dislike it! too sweet and so coffee-ish=="
second cake is fruity cake, This is nice!
Not too sweet and with those berry on it = NICE.

Nighty night Everyone.
Friends, Readers & Stalkers.
Byebye~ Muacks!


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