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 Shitty Shitty~
Been having food and food and still food!
I gaining weight very fast damnomfgfat now. =_="
Been less sweating/sport due to my stupid college schedule, even weekend I'm forced to go class. *cries*

If you feel HUNGRY please avoid looking at the photo ya! hahahahah~

25June2012 - Early celebration for Baby RonRon 21st Birthday!
Happy 21st Birthday again babe *love* *huggies*
We when to karaoke and have our buffet there! FULL

27June2012 - A little snack with my Baby Brother, Nixon
Sakae Sushi having buy 1 free 1 for red.
So we when there for some snack! Serious Japanese cuisine lover here! xD

29June2012 - Brunch with Babe, Sarah (My longlonglonglong best friend)
We were too bored so went for brunch at Kissaten, IOI Boulevard.
Their environment comfy, the foods look nice but taste nothing special.
After meal is dessert! When to Honeymoon and their dessert still the same so so.

29June2012 / Friday night - Family dinner.
Causeway Bay Spicy Crab, Damamsara. (don't ask me the exact place, cause idk)
Their foods NOT BAD! But quite expensive if compare to other crab restaurant.
btw, my sis bought the dinner voucher from Groupon so we got cheaper prices.

Pick-Me-Up, ice tower at Kuchai Lama.
Look special, but nothing special except for the 19cm ice tower.

An old coffee shop, somewhere near Maison or Nuffnang office.
Forgot the shop is 70 or 40years history.
Mine, Pork chop. His, Fish chop(no photo).
The gravy is super NICE! *yummy*
Friendly reminder; If really want to eat, please go there early. 
If not you have to queue up till there's are seat for you.
and most of the people have to share table.
After Breakfast when for Starbucks, My favorite Green Tea FRAPPPP~

Mid years always is Durian season!
My family never missed durian season, is our favorite!!! YUMMY~!

My favorite, oyster mee shua.

This is something NICE.
Spicy Claypot Chicken!? At Kuchai Lama.
Don't know how to explain about this pot of food.
It taste like "Kong Bou chicken" but with more gravy, super nice.
After you finish all the meat, u can ask them to add in clear soup and they have veggie and meat for you to steamboat.
The soup really nice, a must try food.

Dumpling festival!
This rice dumpling, fly to our house from Sarawak! xD
My sis boyfriend bought us this when he back from Sarawak, Nice!

Is July~!!!!!!
1st of July 2012 / Sunday - Been a busy day also a sleepless day for me!
I didn't have a chance to sleep, 6am when to Tabur Hill hiking quite long didn't when there.
Reach home, immediately sleep for 2hours then get ready and fetch Sarah.
Head to Paradigm mall.

Our main purpose was this!!!
Paradise Dynastic 

We both ordered the same food! LOL
See this what I mean we are twins!
Spicy Ramen with Dumpling. (we thought it a soup ramen, but it is a dry ramen)
The dumpling is nice, the ramen taste kinda weird for us.
it doesn't taste spicy as we expected but it numb our tongue!==" *weird* hahaha

This is our MAIN PURPOSE!!
The colored "Xiao Long Bao" with eight different flavor.
Brown - Foie Gras
Black - Truffle
Green - Ginseng
Orange - Crab Roe
Pink - Szechuan
Yellow - Cheesy
Grey - Garlic
White - Original
Me and Babe (Sarah)
I suppose to take every each color but~ I'm to GLUTTON! hahaha~
Anyway still special and could have a try. It might be hard for you to guess what is what flavor.
The black attract me the most! but the taste not much different with the original one.

Photo of the day! <3
Although it taste weird, still I will finish it up not too waste any food!
My very pale face!!!!! ><

That night, when to somewhere special for cake and Bread Pudding.
Bread pudding is kinda sweet for me, the mille crepe is YUMMY.

A photo to end this post, this photo was edited using iPhone apps "美图贴贴".
quite cute and funny apps! hahhaah~
Go download and play with it.

Good night friends, readers and stalkers.
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