Saturday, July 7, 2012


Morning & GoodNight

Ohhh mymymy so not comfy!
Please don't sore throat and cough again!! You can fever but not cough, flu or sore throat. Thank you.

2pm and I'm wake!! I'm super tired but can't sleep back. Arggggg~~ only slept for 5hours++. Am so lazy to move and do my stuff can someone help me?!

Yesterday was a great night Althought something really did pissed me, just forget about it. Don't feel like mentioning also, whatsoever. Great meeting those new friends nice and funny! LOL

Serious me and Sarah was like blocked by a wall! We are "ba-na-nas" but we seldom communicate using our super broken English== and the gang they speak English very well, so is kinda hard for us to digest everything. Hahahah! Both of us look so anti-social, but actually I'm not! I'm just not in the mood to open my mouth.

Still is a great night yesterday. FRIENDLY REMINDER; never ever drink with a empty stomach==" Super not fun.

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