Tuesday, July 17, 2012


My Random Life

 It been sometime me and my sis didn't went out together! =)
When Sunway for a quick shopping with her and had our dinner at Zanmai.
Our all time favorite restaurant.

Ordered this salmon set.
Salmon maki, salmon, salmon belly, smoked salmon.
Yummy! My Favorite!!!! This set is worth than ordering ala cart salmon sushi.

Soft-shell crab Japanese pancake!
A bit too thick, thinner will be nicer.

This is IDK what name but is deep fried potatoes wrap soft-shell crab.
We waited for this dish for so freaking long, till we lost our mood to enjoy it.
The sauce is long island plus fish roe?!

Dimsum in the morning, is great!
I forgot to take picture of the XiuLongBao & LaoShaBao.
Quite yummy.

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