Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Public Transport?

My worst nightmare!!
The first time it happen like this.
First time it turn into so terrible by me.
The first time it have to send home but a big tow truck.

It really frightened me for awhile and I stunned for few second!
Till now still feel bad about what happen to it.
Super moody about what happen to it.

Lucky I always put on my seatbelt whenever I'm inside the car, if not my head should be bleeding and lying on hospital bed, it will not be minor knock. =(

SORRY Baby Waja, mommy still love you!

How to go class?! OHMYMYGOSH
Need to take public transport d? Or any volunteer willing to be my driver for months?

Never ever drive when you are sleepy!? Especially traveling or long distance drive. Remember seatbelt is builded in your car SO use it!!

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