Saturday, July 14, 2012



Recent shop too too much! Broke now=="
Mostly I try it on then I bought it!!! Wallet and Bank No more money!

Bought<<< >>> Bought black not white

 SUPER LOVE this dress but I didn't buy.
Since many people say nice,
till next time I go and this dress still have my size I will bought it home! hahaha

Bought the blue one =)

Didn't buy, cause look fat! ==" But still love the metal cover clip!

didn't buy it, not really like the color.

This dress damn LOVE it but OMFG expensive! How to buy!!!!

I bought both!!!!!!!! OMG
I can't believe I just bought both of them home.

Officially BROKE, Thanks!
Sleep, Good Night
Friends, Readers & Stalkers.

Friday, The 13th.

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