Friday, July 6, 2012



Another night with the babes.
Dinner at UncleJang-Korean food is NAIS!

Serious! Never try before go have some.
UncleJang rice cake is so yummy! If you go there you must order their rice cake!!
By the way, don't order Hot spicy more than normal, unless you like chili!
We ordered 2Hot spicy and 1Normal.
I like spicy food so, for me it still okay and really nice! xD
But for them..... hahahahaah!

After dinner, dessert AGAIN~!
When to Alexis for cakes.
From the top to right ;
BreadPudding with Vanilla ice-cream.
Nutty Chocolate

BreadPudding is nicer than the one I ate at PJ, not too sweet.
Tiramisu is so not for me, kinda sweet for me and I don't drink coffee but still acceptable.
Nutty Chocolate. this is NICE! Try it yourself when you go Alexis.

Me and Babe -Sarah-

Us~ Enjoying our cake~ hahaha

After that, we when for Pool.
*incase you guys thought we went for swimming*
Pool is smaller than snooker and play with using Lucky balls.

Pissed night, cause our car got clamped ==" DAFUQ!
The bak kut teh boss super stupid! Is midnight and we parked there for an hour only.
Hope no want eat your bak kut teh. HENG~~~~~~~~~~~

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