Friday, August 31, 2012

Merdeka 55

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Happy National's Day.
The 55th years.
But seem like no one really celebrating it this year.
No flag on car no flag on roof top.
No countdown only fireworks.

And is lunar calendar 14th of the 7 month which mean is like a new year for the spirit.
So everyone be careful of what you do and speak.
You don't like it of you make them angry right?

Happy holiday everyone except me!!!!!!!!!


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Work again.
Work for JTI again.
Many people will look down on us, for them we girl who work as cigarette Sales Agent is some kind of girl.
Mostly auntie don't accept this kind of job cause it look like we have to let people touch or what.

Hello this job don't have to let people touch.
We don't even chat with those customer.
So don't keep on use weird facial looking at us.
This is a job which earn money and work less hour and doing nothing LOL~

I love the pay but not the product and hate how slow the time pass.
I hate the uniform and the heels which kill my foots.
U dislike marking with fully makeup.
So not comfy!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


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Omg! Been ffk for twice!
Hope tomorrow you open shop Bravos!!

Should be a good new for me cause no need work.
But really bad cause I already reach there!
Tomorrow me have to work four and half hours!!
And I have to work on 31st Malaysia national's day!!
Better you guys give me double pay!!

Management no good! WTH
Make me have to follow my parent go collect debt.
The worst is I have to wear this uniform and with make up on!!!
Not comfy!!!!! I want home!!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Once and For All

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Finally we are back to Velvet.
After few weeks we being good and didn't go out till late night.
We are back!

Me and Sis
Do we look alike?!
 Pattern Pattern

I Love how my hair wavy that night!
*wink wink*

As usual Velvet still that hazy!
Me and Babe
*Party animal we are and we don't give a DAMN*

Us with WeiKang
 That night kinda bored for us.
Don't know it is because the music wasn't nice.
or we just to old to party.
Group picture for Beer Factory Finale
To BF; We are still waiting!!

[ Nights Viewers ]

Tomorrow have to work.


Monday, August 27, 2012


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Another relaxing Sunday.
When for dinner at my all time favorite Japan restaurant.
Sushi Zanmai.
Long time didn't go there for dinner.

This is what we ordered, all for 2person!
and the picture wasn't all yet still have other small plate.

As always end my meal with Chawamushi! Yummy
A bit salty probably because too much roe.

While I'm enjoying my Chawamushi 
that fella still thinking to order some sushi!
We look small size but not out tummy!!!! hahaha
Guess how much we spend for dinner!

After dinner we went for movie =)
The most relaxing movie ever!!
Once in our live we have to enjoy the most luxury right!?
Their services is totally different then the normal one.
People escorted you to your hall,
asked what do you want to drink,
The couch is super soft and comfier then my own furking bed!
Can even adjust up and down just by pressing a button
The blanket is those soft cotton blanket.
Got a coffee table with and buzzy button to buzz the staff.

This is what we call "You get what You Paid"

Guess what the hell is this!?
My house stupid dog bite my mom slipper
become hundred of small pieces!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Is Saturday

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Another Saturday!
Please find me a plan for tonight.
I had been bored for few Saturday.
Please not tonight too=______=''
Any plan?!

Happy 26th Birthday sis.
Wish you grow fatter and fatter! hahahaha


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Yea, why not? This is not my first time. Yes I gave up once again. I'm just too silly too dumb too stupid! Is alright I don't mind anymore cause I used to be. Really I'm used with the situation so no worries. Hello who am I. I never really rely anybody other than my parent. I always have my way to do something. Not gonna cries for small thing Not that easy I'm a bull a bull okay.

I mind I mind I mind I mind I mind I mind I mind!!
I said NEVERMIND. =)

Even I'm serious down I will keep it for myself. I don't like gamble because I scare of losing. If I don't gamble then I will never lose. I don't get angry cause I know whenever I really angry my mouth and my action will out of control. I don't cry not because I don't have feeling is because I know after I cried thing will still reminding the same.

But whenever I feel like gambling it mean I already lose everything and I have nothing to lose anymore. if I got angry it mean I out of control and you will heard and see nasty thing from me. If you see me crying it mean I really need a big shoulder and a listener.

If all this really happen that's mean I really in big situation. =)


Friday, August 24, 2012

Chicky's Day

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Yesterday was a priceless night.
You will understand why at the end of this post! =D

23August2012 MrWongAhGai 21st Birthday.
He finally official 21st an adult dah don't childish d and find yourself a girl please~!

We actually did the same thing last year on his birthday.
Okay we admit we don't have anymore good idea on surprising=__="
We went to his condo with a cake and surprised him although a little failure!

At least we have the heart okay.
Cake blowing right in front his doorstep.

So this is the traditional.(candle biting)
Every of us have done so on our birthday so he won't be skipping this.

Having some crazy snap with my longest buddy - Louis

So now he come with the Gangname Style

My babes! hahahaha

The perfect piece of photo which I called it as

Then it will be Me and ME and still ME!
Skip this part if you don't like it! =P
Jump to the end to know what so priceless about that night =)

Recent HEART is knitted top or outer.
Super Loving it, top from Leneys.

Here is the main and PRICELESS thing I mention
Probably not priceless for you guys but for us really priceless
We had a really fun and happier night ever.

There another funny video of us it should be secret among us but
since it already been published to public in Facebook 
so sharing is caring, hope it make you day.
Click in

Money can't buy us friendship cause it is PRICELESS

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where Plan A?

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12August a break before exam =)

Went to Publika with Sarah for Brunch.
My first time there, the mall is really nice with all the glass wall and ceiling.
All the light shining feel like open air but with air condition.
Just all the shop really ermm arrr Expensive.
*if you know what I mean*

Know where we went for Brunch?
Journal by......?
Ancient typewriter. 

Old school wooden chair hanging on ceiling!
still don't get it where we went?

Their menu.
When life gives you lemons, make LEMONADE!
Journal by Plan B =)

This Logo is simple and nice.

Free water, their service every table with a big bottle.

Capture by: MsCarolineLzt
Nice or not!? I'm a good photographer!
*claps claps*

Our Brunch. Appetizer;
Classic Caesar Salad
Crisp cos lettuce tossed with crunchy turkey bacon
garlic toast & classic anchovy dressing, topped with a poached egg
Nice and really big plate if one person full everything definitely full.

Mine; Poached Eggs on Avocado-Feta Mash
roasted Portobello mushroom on English muffin
served with tomato relish.
Their tomato relish really nice!

Her's; Eggs Benedict
Poached eggs & grilled turkey bacon
heaped on a toasted English muffin, topped with Hollandaise sauce
hmmm~ Don't know nice or not but I think won't taste bad.
Next time try this =)

 We actually can't really finish it.
Probably we just ate too much egg! xD

After brunch walk around.
Not much shop to walk and all shop
even they have sales still kinda expensive for us
Yea we are not richtard!

I'm taller then her for once!

The elevator girl and the Owl girl.

Camwhore a little bit before out.

Accidentally capture this and I'm super liking it.
My juicy lips!
The bright sunlight really nice and damn nice for photo!

[ TheEnd ]
By, The always glutton ME.

I'm Lucky

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I'm serious LUCKY!
My lucky star is with me today =)

Many lucky draw ongoing recently and I simply participated in most of it.
Guess what!?
I won two lucky draw in a day!!

First LUCKY DRAW was by Makeover Beauty Expo.
I won Heme Skincare product worth RM250!! YEAH~
Although kinda waste for people as lazy as me.
Yes I'm super lazy cause I'm super lazy taking care of my face!
That's why my face super terrible if you saw me before you will know.

Anyway, coming on September 7-9th Beauty Expo
will be held at Midvalley Exhibition Centre.
Go visit and get some buy something for you skin. =)

The second LUCKY DRAW by La Quinnox.
I feel so lucky cause this is their first giveaway
and I only of the two lucky members.

I won a piece of Peter Pan Collar Lace Bodycon Dress.
A very sweet dress indeed but also not suit me cause
I'm a bit boyish kind of girl as whoever really know me they know it=____="

But still THANKS A LOT!!
I'm super happy right now.
Those whoever didn't won it no worried,
Their new lucky draw is coming soon.

I'm super HAPPY and feeling LUCKY today.
I just simply participates and won the prize.
Really thanks to both MBE and La Quinnox for the prize.
Please make more GIVEAWAY and LUCKY DRAW!
So I have the chance to win another prize from you again. *bluek*

By the way all these lucky draw is from Facebook.
So now who say Facebook is bad!?

[ END ]