Saturday, August 18, 2012



Don't know what tittle should I put for this post.
So bare with those numbers!

16 08 2012 - Thursday Night-
Finished my last paper yesterday! Happy HOLIDAYS!
But I'm super bored to max!
Today is Friday and my 1st day of semester break yet I'm home growing mushroom! DAFUQ!

Okay~ Back to yesterday! HAHA
While my classmate was having their night celebrating at Mist Club
Me and the clubber didn't go! Cute*?
We just don't have the mood to club, so we when to Giza Mall for a little beer.
Chilling there till 12am.
Chit chat ad enjoy our beer. =)
We are healthy!hahahah
*people say Guinness is healthier*  idk!?=_____="

And hungry half way drinking so ordered Supper!
Bacon and Ham Pizza.
But once it got cold the cheese taste weird!>__<
*That fella don't like milky and cheesy smell so almost all thing I finish*

OOTD for yesterday.
My new Knitted three tone top!
Thanks to Leneys

Happy Raya for all Muslim and Happy holidays for non Muslim!

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