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Beer Factory

15August2012 - Wednesday -
The Beer Factory GRAND ANNIVERSARY MMXII - TheFinale -

As I said at my previous post, 
I will go even thou having exam the next day!!
fyi: This event entry is RM50 for a Shirt and entitle to 3 of their party.
I missed the first and the second so I went to the finale one.
The best part is FREE FLOW!!!

I reach about 7.20pm, it already no more table and full.
Anyway, we manage to grab a BIGGER table which actually a SQUARE mini stage for some dancer.
Is really good than those small round table cause we got so much people.
Just the problem is every few hours the dancer will have to us it for 5-10minutes dance.
by that time we have to move all the stuff and wait.

Before the event really start.

Picture is a must!
Me and YD before got tipys

This where the party stop!
Around 11.30pm, the music stopped and light was on.
The person incharge keep shout us to clear the place.
Because police came, so they had to forced to kick us out.
Damn fun
They say because some resident complain and makes report, so party off!  WTF

But we still can continue the party inside their bar.
FYI, the party separated into two place.
If you went to Setiawalk before you will know BF is quite big and opposite of them there a empty space enough to fit in many many many table.

A picture before me were kicked out! hahaha
Louis, Summer & Ederick *From top left to bottom*

As usual party with my best babe *party animal we are*

Bromance =D

We Love Handsome, We just can't stop taking picture with all of them! hahaha
Cause all my friend just too Handsome hard to resist right!

The babes
Sarah & LitChia *she damn tall*

Me and all the Handsome!
*Top left to right*
-Handsome man Wilson YD
-Charming Tall Terence
-KoreanLookAlike Louis

*Second roll left to right*
-Another Tall Charming Kelvin
-My Handsome Bitch FeiLang
-Tallest & Shy Rick

*Last roll left to right*
-Cute party animal PokPok
-The Handsome babe Jayson
-Another TALL handsome Summer

Us with the Tall man. *We Love tall man too*

Me with my bitches =)

Our favorite photo for the Day.

My tipsy and tired face!
Great night although police came and closed down when the best part of the music came in.
My friend DJ Ming didn't have the chance to spin also, was waiting for his remix.
LOL~ too bad.
Overall of this party kinda bored, if you are not going with your friends.
It not like club everyone is friend and you can play insanely.
At there all was standing there with very boring look and keep on drinking TigerBeer cause it is free flow=="

By the way, I thought this suppose to be a beach party!?
But we didn't even saw beach=___="
I think they should set up at the fountain between Starbucks and BeerFactory at least there got water we can wet our legs and a little feel of BEACH.

The beer haven fail us so far.
The music is nice, we actually kinda enjoy our night.
The shirt niceeee, we doesn't like it.
To many glittery and the graphic a bit too weird!
Idk just not liking it much.

They are going to plan a
Replacement party for The Finale.
And they Promise to make it and
So whoever missed on Wednesday your luck is here.

Who with the shirt just wait till 
they announce the date and venue.
Whoever doesn't have shirt,
you have to go search in the net see 
any people who have the shirt but not going
just buy the shirt from them, 
WHO CARE about second hand shirt!
What we really CARE is got the pass to the party!!

Still waiting for them to announcement when it is and where they gonna held it at.
So Beer Factory please don't make us wait too too long!

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