Friday, August 24, 2012


Chicky's Day

Yesterday was a priceless night.
You will understand why at the end of this post! =D

23August2012 MrWongAhGai 21st Birthday.
He finally official 21st an adult dah don't childish d and find yourself a girl please~!

We actually did the same thing last year on his birthday.
Okay we admit we don't have anymore good idea on surprising=__="
We went to his condo with a cake and surprised him although a little failure!

At least we have the heart okay.
Cake blowing right in front his doorstep.

So this is the traditional.(candle biting)
Every of us have done so on our birthday so he won't be skipping this.

Having some crazy snap with my longest buddy - Louis

So now he come with the Gangname Style

My babes! hahahaha

The perfect piece of photo which I called it as

Then it will be Me and ME and still ME!
Skip this part if you don't like it! =P
Jump to the end to know what so priceless about that night =)

Recent HEART is knitted top or outer.
Super Loving it, top from Leneys.

Here is the main and PRICELESS thing I mention
Probably not priceless for you guys but for us really priceless
We had a really fun and happier night ever.

There another funny video of us it should be secret among us but
since it already been published to public in Facebook 
so sharing is caring, hope it make you day.
Click in

Money can't buy us friendship cause it is PRICELESS

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