Monday, August 20, 2012


Dim Sum

Another lovely morning breakfast with my lovely family.
At Puchong Puteri for dimsum.
YuYi is the name of the restaurant if no mistake.
Before that the restaurant name is Ah Xian
but don't know why they changed the name.
We keep only pick up food
without realize already full of food on the table!

Their Xiu long bao and Lao sha bao kinda nice
But not really special
Xiu long bao you have to pick it up gently
Once it break all the soup will leak. 

In case you don't know or never eat Lao sha bao,
this how it look like inside.
It is Salty egg yolk custard, eat it when it is still hot.

How busy you are, spending time with family is a MUST.
[ END ]

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