Tuesday, August 21, 2012



This is some true fact about me.

I just dislike people who still use family money and depend on family without using own afford to get what you want. Really I don't really respect people who never work for their own expenses and not working for their future.

Seriously, not I'm bad or what just if you want something go earn your own money and buy it yourself. Don't ask from people like granted or take it like as it should be by right. Like people owe you.

Even your parent and siblings they don't and never owe you. Your parent gave you a life and supported your life till you manage to work your own life they have already paid all their responsibility. You siblings is who always helped you in your life and they never ever owe you! Please don't think is a must or them to help you, they helped you cause they want to and they love you not because they owe you. If they don't help you it is normal.

And if you are just a moron who never use your brain to think or never use your own hand to earn money or people who still rely and depending on your family please just shut up! Cause you have no right to talk with me like a BOSS!!

I never will respect you.

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