Thursday, August 16, 2012



 Eat Eat and still Eating!
Okay I admit I'm super glutton.
Even though I say I want to cut down my meal still not successful.
Thanks to who!? You guys know who you are=_____="
Can you guys stop tempting or feeding me with food!

Am growing fatter and fatter.

Chee Cheong Fun & Economic foods
Just so so normal food, but their Ji ma wu(sesame paste) very yummy!
Actually is those illegal staff selling beside BHP at Ampang or Cheras?
I don't know what the exact place. LOL!

After meal, dessert!
Kedai Herba Soon Kee, Cheras. Next to Dolphin cafe.

Tofu Longan, for me so so.
Probably cause not a longan fans and the tofu is something like jelly or agar-agar.
not exactly like tofu.

White fungue

This my favorite among this three bowl.
Chestnut corn.

The fella told me his favorite and recommend me the very weird sweet soup.
=____________=" Nangka don't-know-what.
The name super weird! LOL
If got the chance have to try it out since he say nice.

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