Thursday, August 9, 2012


German Cuisine Anyone!?

First of all I have to say sorry to Muslim friends, this is post is not suitable for you.
Believe me, you will not like it.

Anyone like German cuisine?! Or beer!?
Introducing; brotzeit, German Bier Bar & Restaurant.
Went there for dinner with my family, sis bought us discount voucher from Groupon.
Really cheap! =) it should cost us like RM400+
But we only use RM200+? *not really sure* But definitely cheaper then their normal price.

Bier (Beer)
four differences kind of beer mixing with out juice.
I don't remember what mix what.

Appetizer/side dishes:
Potatoes salad.

Vegie *idk what it is*

Pork! with some sauce

The main!!
Pork platter for four. YUMMY!

 We have six person and we manage to finish everything and super full!
Sis & bro

Lovely parent!

Really nice pork platter.
Their sausages is OMFG nice!
But for people who dislike pork better don't try cause taste quite porky.
If you get what I mean.

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