Sunday, August 19, 2012


Happy BertDay!

Sorry for late post Bert!.
Happy BertDay Albert QingChunDou!
Is his 21st Birthday, we celebrated at Xenri casual dinner.
then second round we split into two group.
One go Beer Factory with the Birthday Boy and the other one go Velvet!

Our dinner! My Kimchi set.
Not bad and not very special.
Their restaurant environment super NICE! =)
Might go there just for their environment I think?

Everyone enjoying their meal except the LingLing!
Busy with her phone=_="

Me mendisturbing them discussing.
But still my LaoLao still cooperated with me and smile to the cam.

My dear, getting more and more handsome huh!
*fyi we are best buddy,
we all called each other baby, hubby, darling, honey, dear and etc etc*

Me and Darling Our sweet smile!
Been seated side by side for 4years in secondary school.

Louis Froggy
We known each other for more than 10years.

Angie Piggy & Albert birthday boy
The most talkative and insanely with me, that's her!

Birthday boy and My brother Kelvin & Elainee his girlfriend.
best brother ever! Love you gor. 

Now see who back to country!
The guy, Geek look but party animal SoongKit!

The babe, Steffy! The small face cutie. =D

Most of the babes!
Steffy, LuYi, Angie & Vivian

Ling, Albert, LiLi, LuYi & Steffy

Finally time for Birthday song and CAKE!
Love this moment the most cause Yummy cake!
Know what, it look fun when everyone singing birthday song.
But serious, it kinda awkward when everyone singing
and the birthday one doing nothing but looking everyone!
You never know what you should when everyone is singing.
except you.
I try before so I know how it actually feel! hahaha

The Apiit gang
Thamo, JH, David & Alan

Finally the birthday boy and the main character
The blue angry bird cake!
Last year his cake was Angry Bird too but it is red.

Me on that night!
Someone got very very drunk.
If you read my blog you know who you are!

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