Thursday, August 23, 2012


I'm Lucky

I'm serious LUCKY!
My lucky star is with me today =)

Many lucky draw ongoing recently and I simply participated in most of it.
Guess what!?
I won two lucky draw in a day!!

First LUCKY DRAW was by Makeover Beauty Expo.
I won Heme Skincare product worth RM250!! YEAH~
Although kinda waste for people as lazy as me.
Yes I'm super lazy cause I'm super lazy taking care of my face!
That's why my face super terrible if you saw me before you will know.

Anyway, coming on September 7-9th Beauty Expo
will be held at Midvalley Exhibition Centre.
Go visit and get some buy something for you skin. =)

The second LUCKY DRAW by La Quinnox.
I feel so lucky cause this is their first giveaway
and I only of the two lucky members.

I won a piece of Peter Pan Collar Lace Bodycon Dress.
A very sweet dress indeed but also not suit me cause
I'm a bit boyish kind of girl as whoever really know me they know it=____="

But still THANKS A LOT!!
I'm super happy right now.
Those whoever didn't won it no worried,
Their new lucky draw is coming soon.

I'm super HAPPY and feeling LUCKY today.
I just simply participates and won the prize.
Really thanks to both MBE and La Quinnox for the prize.
Please make more GIVEAWAY and LUCKY DRAW!
So I have the chance to win another prize from you again. *bluek*

By the way all these lucky draw is from Facebook.
So now who say Facebook is bad!?

[ END ]

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