Wednesday, August 8, 2012



Just a random daily shit!
I been paused my Post-Marathon for quite long, should start it back!
If not, I don't think I will reach 100 this years AGAIN=_="

Kinda lazy after all those rushing for college, assignment, work and  sleepless day.
Not completely free, still have final exam waiting me! *cried*

Stop about those stressful thing! Arggg!
Recent love "green" and "red"

Kiwi and Cherry Tomatoes! Yummy!!

Super Random photo picked out of my laptop! hahah
Hardly you have a chance to see me in fully formal attire.
I never ever like to wear formal shirt and pen skirt!

 Here are 2 same photo!
Left without edit and Right edited! hahah
Spot the differences d!?
I own a GOLDFISH eyes! hahahaahh!
and eyebags-less! ahahaha

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